The Great Adventure

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Not the Children!

Not the children!

Jan 14, 2018 — DMJ

The desert heat struck Tierra for only a moment before her cloak washed it gently past her. “Thank Sophia for this comfort,” her quick prayer whisper lost in the warm breeze.

An hour after rising the sun already punishes this place, she thinks. But the sun doesn’t distinguish slaveholder from slave, rich from poor. It punishes all and the masters of this place make sure that their servants take the brunt of it. Sophia, friend of the bound, is needed here.

A quick discussion among her companions leads to the conclusion that the market is open in the evening on this, the day 8 of 10, and so morning tea with the pathfinders is this morning’s business.

Tea and some other, not unpleasant soured milk drinks are shared with Goulion, the wizard; Rochelle Cartonbrass, the ranger; and Vice, the fighter while Tiran presents on the demiplane of the Nicely, Nicely pub from a paper that appears to have had a few too many.

Silence fills the room and the three pathfinders glance back and forth at each other. Finally Goulion stands. “Friends, we must leave you for some moments for a quick meeting. Please have more refreshments. We will return shortly.”

With that Rochelle, Vice and Goulion shuffle past the companions into the back room.

Tierra helps herself to more soured milk as her friends have a bland discussion of markets—which is where, selling what in what coloured area.

Less than 10 minutes later, the meeting room door swings open and the pathfinders return.

Rochelle beams. “We’ve decided to let you in. All of you.” She pauses, “of course you need to swear in, but we don’t believe we need to send your application in to be approved, we have seen enough to know that our superiors will be very pleased with your recruitment!”

Tierra watches Gam and Gar look at each other and shrug. She glances at Hanlon and they have a similar reaction.

“We will swear it.” Garion announces.

Roark squawks, in his crow-accented elvish, “I will swear it too.”

Rochelle glances at Vice. “We’ve never had an animal companion request this before, you may be the first.”

“Animal companion? I am no animal companion!” He shows his magical helmet and claws. “How many animal companions have these? I am a familiar!”

“Familiar, than. We’ve not had one such as you be a part of this society. You will be the first.” Rochelle stands firmly, but her mouth holds a gentle smile.


As a group the companions recite an oath while the experienced pathfinders look on, grinning, Tierra thinks, widely. You’d have thought they’d won a prize. Well at least we seem welcome here—hopefully this group proves to be what they claim.

There are hugs and celebration. Tiran pours himself a drink and Goulion pulls out a device.

“It’s called a Wayfinder,” his voice is tenor but rich and easy to listen to. “It can hold an ion stone, and the ion stone makes the device do different things—enhancements of the ion stone’s normal action. It is something that you should consider buying, and eventually all of you should have one. We also use Wayfinders as one way of identifying other Pathfinders. If you choose, you might only have one as a group to start with, but you will want more eventually.”

Tiran pours a drink, toasts the group, and pours another.

After some more conversation, the group finally leaves the other pathfinders and wander outside. An hour inside and the sun’s punishment grows. Tierra thanks Sophia again for the cloak.

Gamalian seeks the concierge at our inn. “What do people here think about the affairs of married people?”

The concierge raises his eyebrows and shuffles slightly. “It is looked down upon, but it is more common than one might think—if done discreetly, many will avert their eyes from it.”

“I see,” Gamalian shuffles through his pockets. “Please ensure that the Lady Matillia recieves this note.

Lady Matillia

You brought me sunshine when I only saw rain.
You brought me laughter when I only felt pain.
Allow me to bask in your presence today, for I grow weak without sight of you.

Lord Talthaldran

“What is there to do in this town?” Hanlin asks, his face stoic.

“Why, the water and garden are beautiful. Many wander and look at these marvels. It is not hard to find rub downs nor to eat fine food.” The concierge watches Hanlon who frowns, slightly.

“Of course,” continues the concierge, “those who prefer less …refined entertainments visit the southeast quadrant of the common city to watch the fights with the scorpion—lots of betting, lots of blood.”

The companions leave the Inn and wander around the pond. Tierra speaks up, “this place is full of slaves. Do you think they are wanting to revolt?”

A lively discussion ensues about whether the slaves have anywhere to go if they escape and on what would happen if they won but stayed, or lost and were executed en mass. It is decided that the group will attempt to spend energy finding out if a revolt is likely and what they could do to help if that is indeed what the slaves are aiming to do.

The fountain pond is beautiful: excess in white marble with mist off the water. A city oasis. Surrounding it are people getting sun, showered by little misters, fanned by servants.

Here and there are 6’ by 8’ metal sheets sunk into the ground. People seem to ignore this, walking over the sheets as though they are identical to the stone around them.

Lightson discreetly casts detect magic on the area and finds that the metal does not shine magically, but the marble pond does.

Garion stops a passer by, a middle-aged man dressed reasonably well but not excessively, and asks, “what are these metal sheets for?”

“Why they are the market stalls. They are brought up from the ground every market.”

Hanlon asks, “where can I buy one of those nice lion head symbols?”

The man points vaguely, “they are from a stall over there, it is not hard to find during the market. I must go.”

The companions gather around to discuss this information when a lad comes by and slips a paper into Lightson’s pocket. He scrunches his forehead slightly, reaches into the pocket and pulls out the note to read. He looks up glances around and reads it,
Northern Scum,

Come to the Southeast
Fighting Pit in Lower
Bankhar tonight at
Sundown – you’ll be sad if you miss it.


The group decides to walk through the area of High Bankhar and then to the lower area to find out about the fighting pit. The walk quietly and Tierra takes notes which read like this,

Red area – Kefflan
- guards carry guaives

North West quadrant
- Thacker guards in black
- Similar neighbourhood in some ways
- Magical area
- Same 6×8 platforms
- Guards wearing weapons
- Quarter staffs

NE quadrant
- white dressed
- great swords
- weaponry and armour
- hoisthacker

SE – Surumpter
- sleazy
- solicited for many things
- feels dirty

Perhaps an hour before noon, the group finally heads down to Lower Bankhar. They pass the High Bankhar guards, allowing themselves to be checked for their hand mark and enter into the ‘lower’ city.

Tierra notices from the first moment that they are watched. Garion is unnerved by a ruff-looking teenager, but growls at the boy’s gang and they back away.

Eventually they find the fighting pit neighbourhood and look about. Hanlon walks up to a second son graffiti tag, scoffs and pulls out a charcoal to write his own tag over it. Passers by stop to gawk at this act.

“Let’s go there.” Lightson nods toward a sign that says “drinks”.

The companions duck into the bar, and the whole room turns to stare at them. Garian walks to the barkeep. “I’d like a drink.”

The barkeep puts a glass on the counter and fills it. Everyone continues to stare.

“We’re looking for work. Do you know of any for some folks who are quick with a blade?” Garian asks, with a nonchalant grace.

“None you would want to do.”

“Have you heard of any dragons to the northeast of here.”

“Aye, heard of it, but don’t know anything about ‘em. Biggest monster here is grabbers.”


“Aye, it’s a scorpion. A giant scorpion. Killed a lot of slave fighters.” The Barkeep relaxed into his story, “it has pinchers that’ll take off a head, and it’s tail stabs the fools who don’t watch it.”

One of the other folks in the bar walks over to tell us, “last time ‘e killed two at ‘nce. He’s a right nasty piece of work that Grabbers.”

Gamalian asks, “How do they get people to fight it? Is it slaves? Do they get released if they win?”

“Aye, if a slave wins 3 fights in a row they get a ticket out of slavery. But it does not happen often. There are a few who love it an’ keep fighten’ after they’ve won 3. Like knuckels Maldoon!”


“Aye, ‘es a slave who’ll fight ‘em other slaves an’ ‘e wins his share of fights. Word is he could leave the ring but don’t do it.”

“When is the next fight?”

“Tonight, grabbers is goin’ ta fight against 7 slaves. 7! And the bookkeepers will be there from 4-5 PM to take bets, but fight’s not til 7:15. It’ll be a good one. Slaves don’t stand a chance if ye ask me.”

The companions sit for a drink. Garian suggests, “that fight, the one with grabbers, that’ll be against our friends in Lower Bankhar.”

Now with less enthusiasm, the companions slip out of the bar and walk towards the arena. It is a few hours past noon when they approach the main entrance gate.

Tierra asks the guard to see the combattants. “Oh, no, I cannot let ye do that now.”

She hands him 5 gp. “I want to see those combattants ‘cause I might want to bet on them.”

The young guard looks down at the fortune in his hand and says, “let me show you, but we’ll have to be quick.”

They walk through the stands, looking down at the bloodstained sand of the arena before turning in toward the cages. In one is a cage containing a scorpion, perhaps 6000lbs, crouched in the back of it’s cage. In another cage is an ogre who scowls at the companions as they examine him.

The guard then walks them to the other side of the arena where more cages decorate the stadium interior. Among the slaves are Stewart and Kita.

“Do you know,” Tierra asks, “which of these wretches dance with the scorpion tonight?”

Tierra takes a moment to call on the favour of Sophia to heal the slaves. At least I can make sure they’re not hindered by injury, she thinks to herself.

The guard nods towards the cage holding Stewart and Kita. “Aye, these poor bastards. And the odds are 10 to 1 favouring Grabbers. It’s not the only fight either, there is a whole event where other folks fight each other including knuckles here.”

Knuckles has fists that are much darker—almost black coloured.

The guard glances around, “you’ve been here long enough, we need to get back before we’re noticed.”

The group leaves, and walk back into the oven passing for a street. Within a few blocks a group of children suddenly start to press forward toward the group asking for signatures on clay tablets.

“We’re not fighters!” Lightson argues.

Tierra notices that the children are strong and acting odd, but in that moment the children attack the companions. They are quick and Garian, Hanlon and Tiran are all stabbed before anything can be said.

Tierra notices illusionary signatures shimmering around the attackers, and yells, “These are not children, they’re adults! Grab their hats.”

Garion swings, hitting one ‘child’ with what should have been a killing blow. The child looks hurt but stands firm.

Gam calls the sand to shoot into the eyes of one of the boys, succeeding at that and Hanlon punches another.

Tiran activates his cloak and lets out a diabolical hyena cackle and the children widen their eyes. Apparently they weren’t expect exactly what they’re fighting and numerous children start to flee.

Tierra trips one and Hanlon jumps on him, grappling and pinning him so that the hat can be removed. The ‘boy’ calls for help.

Tierra glances around at the windows up and down the street where the residents are leaning out of their windows gawking at the fight.

“Act like the adults you are, not the children you pretend to be!” She starts swinging her meteor hammer, charging it for any ‘children’ who might dare return.

Garian holds a sword to the pinned boy’s throat and Hanlon removes his hat. As predicted, the illusion fades and a young man remains pinned where the boy once was. Garian uses the immobile rod to hold him in place.

Gam sees one boy hiding in an alley and makes moves to intercept him.

Roark flies up and is able to see that 2 have truly fled while the rest wait and watch us.

Gamalian finally catches up with his prey, and feints and punches with convincing results.

Garion holds a sword to his captives chest, intimidating and questioning him. He smirks and takes a pill. Hanlon tries to stun him and take the poison away, but the young man quickly succumbs to the effects of the poison.

Tierra calls out, “come on, …boys… let’s get this fight going.”

Meanwhile, Gamalian knocks his opponent out and takes off his magical hat revealing another man beneath.

A quick search of the two would-be attackers reveals that each carries

§ Oil of magic weapon
§ Potion of cure mod
§ 2 vials of dark liquid
§ cap human disguise
§ MW studded leather
§ MW dagger

The companions stuff the unconscious guy into their bag of holding and head back to Higher Bankhar. There they hog tie and gag him in their room while Gamalian heals Lightson and himself.

Tierra looked out at the sun. “It’s about 4PM, betting opens at the arena.”





WTF is a pathfinder society?
I might still have sand in my vagina.

Retching over, we collect the bodies and detect magic.
Stones heroically drinks Juniper Liquor, which is surprising, because looking around the game table, we all are.
We divide the loot: 296GP
Stones takes the headband of wisdom + 2 INT, Bruiser’s shawl (hyena’s scream of fear (30ft cone DC16 once a day)), 2 tanglefoot bags, and a thunderstone
Gam grabs the Black egg, nightmare vapour, a poisoned dagger, dipping pouch of poisoning (2 doses, sand slippers,
Hanlon tak es a potion of cure moderate and a Cloak (+ 1 arrow deflection shield cloak), and a belt of giant strength.
Tierra Grabs the Girdle of mighty CON (+ 2)
the Bag of holding gets: Flind Bars (nunchuks d8) and 4 MW javelins
GAM/GAR/HAN each take a CLW + 2 potion

Hanlon puts on the belt of Giant strength and finds he need to mightily resist being changed into Hanlette. He is successful.

We remove the bodies to a suitable distance and throw some healing all around on ourselves.

At 10am we try to “decurse” Tierra’s belt. We are not successful and it constricts for 5 damage. The belt is removed until we can ensure it’s safe use.

We set out across the hot and sunny desert landscape with a Storm fast approaching from the NNW.

We decide to hunker down on the windward side (so as not to get buried) and cover ourselves with the sail and get ready to wait it out.

It’s fierce and nasty and when it hits, there is much damage to GAR,GAM and HAN. The first 30 minutes are overwhelming and then it keeps going.
Gam trances out and successfully becomes “one with the storm” and begins learning.
More damage and knocked heads are handed out as GAM continues to commune with the storm. He makes a breakthrough and gives us respite in a cocoon of sanctuary. The storm continues to rage around us.
Gam continues to learn and tries to manipulate the sand and builds a “wall” which continues to protect us from the storm.
Tierra uses the respite to heal (restoration) herself from poison damage taken earlier.
Gam has another breakthrough and epically manages to create a “sand skin” layer on himself which he describes as “somewhat mobility restricting” We contemplate whether this layer would provide dome DR vs heat, but cannot test it at the moment.
The storm abates and Gam uses his new powers to de-sand the party and the sail. We trudge through the sand for a KM until we find the road, then its 3 easy (relatively) km to the city. We first see shacks, then a wall with green behind it.
We style ourselves as silk merchants using the silk we got from the giants. Gam plays with the sand, making little whirlwinds and piles.
as we enter the city we are accosted by a begging girl. Gam pushpockets 3 silver pieces and in the process does not notice that the girl pickpockets something.
Roll Init!
Tiran fails casting a spell
Hanlon, tackles, earcfhes the girl and find Gam’s deck of cards
Gar intimidates
the Girl spins a yarn that we can clearly see through
Gam charms her and solicits information
The girl – KEETTA is all in and tells us about the toll to get into the city HIGH BANDAHAR and about the dress code. She has a cardboard box home in the SW near the (non flowing, non artesian) well.
We approach the gate and meet the guards who wear tan cloaks and silver face masks with chainmail.
We go up the 15 stairs
Gam and Tierra are “nobles” GAR and HAN are guards, Stones carries the chamber pot.
‘Keetta, you wait by that well"
We read the ominous (challenging?) sign over the entrance (in many languages):
“Drawing a weapon in High Bandahar will result in amputation of varying and appropriate severity up to and including the head”
We cough up the 25GP per person for entrance, out by sunrise unless in an INN
We go in after being marked on the arm
Hanging Gardens of Babylon type of decadence. We see 4 marble statues:
Scorpion Left
Coiled snake Right
Hawk front
Tree, palm behind
huge water area more than 100ft across
2 story statue of DAVE with his 8 bob wang
water drains to 4 non cardinal directions with 4 stone bridges over the flow.
To the left, tightly packed Tiny Houses™ rich people with peons and grape peelers. we see no merchants. Stones asks the guards which way to go for lodging. We go left where the predominant colour is red. to the right, yellow.
Black NW
White NE
Yellow SE
Red SW
We see lots of slaves and servants of different races. We see a couple of foreigners out smoking, but don’t know them.
we see a 1/2 elf woman with a slave. she is sporting the following:
Gam introduces himself well
1/2 elf woman asks what she can do for us, we solicit a room with a bath. after much witty banter, she tells us to go 2 doors down and “tell them VIESH sent you”.
We take her advice and drop 224 for the week (here’s 225, get yourself something nice) and have our arms remarked. We can come and go as we please.
We head back to chat with VIESH after getting wicked 3x clean.
We discuss the market:
ODD days 8-10am
EVEN days 5-7pm
lots of leisure time except for market time
days 4 nothing open “chaingesgtar”
today is day 7

we discuss the symbol
PATHFINDER SOCIETY’ Dedicated to the collection of knowledge and make chronicles of knowledge
GAM asks about possibility of getting into the Society

OATH – long and hard to write
Seek out, collect, report

We have seen 2 dozen emblems in High Bandahar, but none on VIESH and crew.
VIESH says they have libraries and resources when you travel. We can keep artifacts, just have to write about them. Quests are available. No Pay

To join: 100GP, vows under spell, 1yr probation,
Will talk more later….

More market discussion:
Each quad different commerce/items
Head Thacker Black – Wallet she lack – magic items, augmentation
NE Hoise Thacker – White – weapons, armor, gear, animals
SE SERUMPTER Yellow – vices-liqour, pesh, slaves, poisons
SW KEFLEN – red – art, luxury, gems, jewels, knowledge, religion

need purchaser’s card, but most people just bluff with a piece of paper.
Real card for each sector, light blue robes, meek, background checks.

Commerce is aggressively chaotic, no wine smashing, show no weakenss.

VIESH is from Four Waters. knows Ulia, Badorities but was gone prior to our shenanigans.
Pathfinders – in other planes, submissions become contribution to the chronicles.

To be filled yet
Blue dragon bang-a-gong

The secret door before us, Gamalian has figured out the mechanism, but we hesitate to open it, as their might just be a Mother-frakking dragon on the other side. Hanlon uses his serenely stoned powers to bore holes through the door at strategic intervals in an effort to catch a glimpse of the other side, and maybe get an idea of the layout of the caverns beyond. The spelunkian scouting reveals a long tunnel with light at the end of it. The party prepares themselves for action, Tierra spends nearly a minute receiving Sofia’s blessings, and sharing a bit with the party. Tierra is now about ten feet tall, and she might be angry. Tierra summons an Archon on the other side, and the group flings open the door and rushes in to face whatever might be hiding on the other side. Garion and Hanlon rush ahead of the group, with Tierra and Gam behind, Lightson invisible somewhere. A lound crackle and the smell of ozone announce that something bad has happened to the trailing party members. Some sort of brutal lightning strike, maybe we’d found the dragon after all. The beast reveals itself, apparently phasing through a wall. The party surrounds the beast and lays all manner of holy justice into the creature. After a right good pummeling the beast decides that perhaps surviving would be better than becoming an unsightly blue stain on its own cavern floor. The beast flees. Gamalian, not one to suffer this sort of maneuver, leaps onto the back of the dragon, holding on with mijime stabbed into the beast! The pair fly out of the cave, and we’re certain we’ve seen the last of both Gamalian and the dragon, when they suddenly return to the cavern mouth, Gamalian announcing that the dragon has decided that perhaps we could use some diplomacy (the words kind) to settle our differences, rather than the more painful brand we brought to the table initially.

Jalnura tells us about another Dragon, this one bigger, badder, and bluer. This dragon is the great Wench Hezikor, and she’s been terrorizing the countryside, and the unfortunate Jalnura. We make a deal with the dragon to stop being a dick, in exchange for a healthy portion of Hezikor’s loot as well as Jalnura’s life. Jalnura will also help us deal with Hezikor. The party has mixed feelings about helping the dragon, but perhaps destroying the greater evil would ultimately be the best option.
Jalnura shows the party her meager hoard (it had been ravaged by Hezikor). The party takes some choice items, an immovable rod, a pair of Jaunt boots, and a beautiful glowing Akadakada necklace. Tierra picks up the medallion and is suddenly overcome with celestial energy. She shakes her head and seems to awaken from some foggy, greedy slumber. The group proceeds to touch the chain one at a time, Gamalian being affected as Tierra. Lightson tries to avoid his turn, but Garion is having none of it and presses the mdalion into the wizard, causing his medallion to explode. After reflection it would appear that some of the party had been afflicted by the medallions, even when not worn, in the case of Tierra. The medallions caused an increase in selfishness and greed, resulting in some perhaps normally out of character responses to situations.

The group sets up camp in Jalnura’s cave, ready to plot our next move against Hezikor, while the threat of these mysterious amulets loose in Bankhar looms over the horizon…

Ravens and Rock holes

Back in the material plane, and we still seem to be spending all of our time underground. After dealing with the decidedly unfriendly Leukodaemon ,the group spends some time recuperating, crafting, and trying to figure out what exactly the undead gnomes were up to in their mysterious laboratory.

The following day, a raven returns, this one is decidedly less intelligent than our friend Roark, and he has no luck communicating with the beast to determine where it might be taking messages and to whom. The party decides that the best course of action is to send another missive with the bird, apologizing for the destruction of the previous message and requesting an update. The group also decides that sending Roark along to follow would be an advantageous use of the resources on hand. Roark enthusiastically agrees to this task, as he is wont to do. Tierra makes sure he’ll be comfortable by preparing him with an endure elements spell so that the desert sun doesn’t wilt his fine feathers any more than necessary. Roark returns a few hours later and reports that the bird was headed North East and followed him to a vendor’s stall in the city.

While waiting LIghtson and Garion engage in some chess using the mysterious magical board that they’d found. Lightson cheats, surely, and Garion ends up stunned. Apparently losing the game stings a little. The party also confers and decides that slaying the nearby Dragon, Jalnura would be the best course of action for us, cleansing the mountain, and hopefully resulting in piles of sweet, sweet loot to be reintroduced into the local economy. The messenger crow returns the following day with a reply, something wonderfully long winded about how sales are excellent, and that the people are properly ‘ravenous’ for the products. This prompts some experimentation with the amulets and we discover that the magic in the small runestones is shielded when encased in the golden amulets with the rubies.
Crafting complete, set to new purpose and with more questions abou the amulet. The party sets out to find the lair of the dragon. After winding through trapped tunnels, Gamalian finds what seems to be a hidden door through the side of the tunnel. The party licks their lips, as this must be the lair of the dragon…

Ah Mushkiniso, I knew a girl there once...
Hanlon Logs

We give the area a detailed survey… lots of gravity starting at about 30ft above the ground and at the wall (8ft high x 3ft thick). Underneath is just rock, no tunnels. We debate and debate and finally go into the castle. There is a trap door above the entryway, but we skirt it.
We go left (socialists) There are stairs up and a barrack with 12 beds. we don’t find anything unusual.
Next corner, stairs with long hallway.
Next corner, stairs with entry to dining hall.
Dining Hall – 8 “people”, 8 place settings, quiet, no sound. no fires,
on the dais, is a commander type, full armour, cape.
there is a balcony 20ft up
ceiling is high, 25-30ft up
Roark checks out the balcony and sees two undead “taut skin, not moving”
The Duke has hand drawn map for reference.
We decide to not disturb the dining hall and go up stairway #3 clockwise.
We go up about 40ft.

next floor (The Duke has map)

We enter the first room through a door. no traps, opens away from us
there is a 4 poster bed. The room seems to belong to someone important. There is a big closet, dresser, mirror. The mirror works.
Closet – dresses and clothes. False bottom- light, 5 potion bottles, scroll tube, note book.
Dresser – clothes, male – jewels, diamond earrings 1000gp, sapphire necklace 1000gp, topaz necklace, 500gp.

Tierra – dresses in women’s clothes puts on jewelry, takes Hanlon’s hat of disguise.

Bed – plush, 1300 thread count cotton, downy freshness.

Lightstones – puts on rich robes and smells, licks pantaloons.

Scrolls- ARCANE – floating disc, greater magic weapon, arcane lock, knock, invisibility, hypnotic pattern

Window in hallway – no beings, just endless astral plane.

Next room has a sliding door…

the door opens all the way. The room is similar to downstairs, but much more opulent with beautiful tapestries, gold sconces, lots of bling.

4 tables, two skeletons each.
Dais, old white haired “lady” – Dark health?
“welcome trespassers and looters, annorexic compantions for a drink, help yourself. “to your health, or whatever” So where you from? We don’t get many visitors"
We don’t answer yet. Stones dips a finger into flagon and tastes – stings tongue, hurts a bit.

“so, here to sack the castle? storm the place for treasure?”

We ask where she is from.

“the underdark, the lady of spiders” (LOLTH)

“How long have you been here?” we ask.

“judging by my inebriety, at least three drinks”

Stones checks another flagon, same

Drow “it is not to your taste?”

“who do you tell about who visits?” – some guy
“how did you get here?” – found it by chance
“do you remember your childhood?” – ah childhood in the underdark, regulare drow stuff.

“I attack people who come to steal the treasures”
The doors lock, and it’s on.

Drow casts something, some power word.
Tierra rolls out of turn
Hanlon preps punch on the stones, rolls 19
Tierra fails
Garion 0 readies Smite, ferg into hand dramatically and charges, Tango and Cash style over the table but misses.
Roark, leery
Stones “return, spell”
skeletons, light on fire.
Stones is happy.

Tierra recovers from hold person
stones, not casting
Gar gets by drow, but provokes, no dice. misses with ferg.
Stones, horn of stirring
Skeletons, Gar takes 7, stones takes 14
Roark hits to 5 but takes 1 heat.
Hanlon waits

Hanlon punch in stones the drow for 49
Tierra casts channel energy for 63 damage
Stones uses stone, hits one for 18
Roark fucks off
Garion trips on table

Much fighting

Tierra surges, takes out 3 skel
Stones hits drow for 1 – Dead
Garion Dead -7

Tierra saves Gar and all for +13

Stones takes out penultimate skel, hanlon finishes off the last one.

Loot the bodies.

Scrolls – cure mod, cure serious, cause serious.
Rubies, 3000 gp worth
Castle goblet
empty potion vials x3
potion vials x2
1 oil of something

everything goes into the bag of holding… we’ll identify stuff when we have more time.

on one page, I have written “97421234” no recollection.

We call it a night.
DM suggests we familiarise ourselves with out inventories for the trials and tribulations ahead.

Baron Buhler
Into the Great Beyond.....
by Prince John

We leave the excellent establishment of the Astral Tavern, decided upon by vote (of course the Wizard abstains).

We await at the gate, having paid with our legendary token to enter the stop. Loraphim, the heavenly creature, assures us that she (?It?) will keep an eye on the demons and other creatures of evil. The area we wait gazes upon the infinite purple surroundings, with nothing stirring. While we rest and wait, the party decides to make the best of their free time. Gamalion thinks about a rock. Garion tries floating; Tierra the wizard has practice with a new spell, “water into beverage”.

Time passes, and seems to bleed into the next day.

Roark speaks with Gamalian, and then Hanlon starts teaching with Gamalion and ;Mijima’, the blade with a name. The cleric is alarmed to see the student stabbing the monk. Garion continues to practice floating. A party member exclaims, unbelievably, “Go back to your stabbing”.

In the far distance, the vault of stars can be appreciated; it seems extremely far, although close in Astral Terms.

Then, a small dot is identified, and seems to get larger. A red and white ship stops suddenly at our spot, about 75 feet long. It has the name “Blue Slipper” written on the side. A single mast sticks out of the center of the deck. A large female barbarian with a large hammer eyes our party as we make our way to the craft. A man with an interesting speech pattern quickly introduces himself. “I’m Captain Rolly Free. For the first half hour on the oars will be 500 gold, and then we are good to go.” He gives the impression he has never held a position for longer than one can hold their breath.

As the party steps on board, the observe the other creatures on board. There are half orc fighter passengers, as well as 8 feet fall flesh golems. A quick glance at the huge female barbarian reveals that she has a facial tic. All but the wizard offer to handle the oars, as well as Roark.

After a brief time hauling oar, the party speaks with the captain. He talks about his route, which leaves Lastic, and goes to Fort Galleon. He then offers a taste of Red Jackal, a fine weed. The wizard is keen on trying this mildly hallucinogenic weed, and offers his drink in return. The captain takes a quick swig. The wizard decides to take a taste as well, and ends up vomiting his breakfast rations. The captain laughs, thinking how he was so clever to feign appreciation in the beverage. The rest of the party enjoys the joke, as the wizard tries to scrape his tongue clear of the foul drink. As some form of apology, the captain offers the wizard some of the Red Jackal. The spellcaster quickly becomes happier, now at 11 degrees to the deck, baking and feeling numb.

The captain offers some more information, about the Dock they had left. Apparently, the ship had just left ACCAS, where the barbarian was picked up. At this point, the wizards ability to geography and location seems to be completely absent.

The rest of the party spend time on other pursuits. Hanlon watches Gamalion focus on the rock, and make great progress. Garion watches the horizon, as Tierra studies.

About a day and a half later (as time is extremely difficult to gauge), a clanging rings out. A number of hours later, the ship pulls up to a 50 km diameter sphere, that appears to be a nasty place. Fire dominates it’s surface, and a great heat is palpable. It appears to be a hellish demiplane, and the boat pulls up to a stop. A creature boards the ship, apparently known as a AtChuRi (with the appearance of a large 4 legged bird like creature). An immediate sense of unease is felt by all, as the creature walks past them.

The next day, the passengers once again man the oars, as the wizard and familiar rest up on the deck. Afterwards, the group follow their pursuits. Tierra studies, as Hanlon and Gamalion practice with the blade. At one point, Hanlan has a mild drainage of his life essence; Gamalion feels serenely disturbed. The wizard hits the Red Jackal again. After a few hours, Hanlon regains his life essence, and offers some sage advice.

The Captain, looking into the distance, cries “OMG, a Spinner”. It appears to be a circular dot, in the far distance. The boat slows significantly, revealing a bright, spiral collection of light, about 50 km in diameter. Captain Rolly appears extremely excited. "I’ve heard of these things, these swirls of energy. They don’t last long, and no one knows where they come fro But they can charge the ship, and catching ‘a beam’ is a great charge.

[At this point, the Black Bird puppet comes out, to great cheering).

All hands work on the oars, and with the Captains guidance, the ship successfully catches beam. Unique glowing is noted coming from parts of the ship.

Suddenly, a black 2 masted ship appears from the rear of the craft. Over a dozen creatures jump off their deck and head for the passenger ship. Tierra rushes to the edge, attempting to cast a fireball, but the creatures are too quick. As the incoming enemy reach the craft, the rest of the party react. Garion swings, and Hanlon jumps over the edge. Gamalion strikes one with a crossbow, as Tierra calls forth two Hound archons, which manage to strike an enemy. The heroes seem to have a slight bluish glow, and all of their initial attacks seem to be powered, after which the glow disappears.

The wizard blows his horn, to the advantage of the party. The hounds continue to maul more of the black leather clad invaders. The captain starts swinging a chain, with a sickle on one end, and a weight on another. Hanlon, having launched himself over the edge, manages to strike a huge opponent with a mighty hit. Even Rork manages to injure a creature.

The creatures are truly unearthly. They are clad in black, with smooth black leather masks, carrying swords. However, they seem to try to grasp their victims in vicious bear hugs. Captain Rolly is taken down by two of these creatures. The large flesh golems are engaged. Garion manages to bat away an attack, as well as Tierra. While in combat, a mask is knocked off, and the heroes are repulsed by the lack of features seen underneath. No eyes, nose or mouth is present, purely flesh.

The large invader somehow manages to crash into the rear of the craft, entering the hull. The large barbarian drops her weapon, as the wizard manages to cast burning hands. Roark cries, and causes 3 to flee in terror. Gamalion stabs the deck, and regains his glow. The ‘thief / banker’ manages to backstab and kill another creature. As the wizard attempts to aid a fallen Tierra, the dark evil four legged fowl creature attacks, and nearly kills the spellcaster. At this point, a huge blast bursts from below deck, rocks the ship, and blows up the back of the star craft.

The rear of the craft is now splinters, and the evil bird like creature releases the wizard. Tierra manages to cast a healing spell on the spellcaster. At this point, the raiding party begin to withdrawal. The heroes continue to strike the enemy, including the Hound Archons. Gamalion also strikes the foul fowl. A black toxic cloud emanates from the creature, enveloping Tiran Lightson. At the same time, the wizard unleashes his charge magical stone weapons and decimates the devilish creature.

Garion and Tierra yell – ‘We need a ship’. However, the wizard begins to act in an unusual fashion. Fortunately, Tierra casts dispel magic, and manages to make the wizard sane. Hanlon searches the remaining bodies – the captain and first mate are found dead as well. Various swords are found, including gold, chest plate, a sword and a glaive.

The party continues to take stock of the situation. Rork thinks he sees something in the far distance. The enemy ship is no longer visible. All that remains is scattered debris of the ferry craft, and the heroes floating among the rubble……..

The one where Tierra Persuaders the Daemonettes

We rejoin our party in the Nicely Nicely, where they’ve just earned themselves a legendary token for the wildest dragon-rhino show this side of the material plane.

As our group revels in their victory, Garion, Lightson, and Tierra notice some sour stares being directed at the group from the Marilith and her devil croney at the bar. Gamalian orders a round of unicorn tears to celebrate his hand being released from its crystal peace bond.

The group is distracted shortly when the bar’s namesake, Nayoss Layo Nollios floats down to the table. It congratulates the party and informs Tierra that our new Rhino friend would like to be bonded to her on a more permanent basis, and gives her a figurine of wondrous power that will allow her to summon the great beast for a certain amount of time each day. She graciously accepts the gifts and dubs the great blue beast Persuader.

Nayoss departs to make his rounds at other tables in the establishment. The group is excitedly discussing the potential of their new party member when a crackling whip breaks their revelry. A voice screeches out from behind the group, “You’re not the only one who can make unprovoked attacks!!” the awful voice of one of the Matt Daemonettes is all too familiar to the party.

Tierra and Gam get chained up, wracked with lightning induced pain. Gar lashes out in anger but Ferguson gets caught in a chain on his backswing and he loses it. He takes an awful, powerful blow from one of the Daemonettes. Gamalian drops, clutching at the chain wrapped around his neck. Gar continues to be pummeled. Tierra gets dragged to a table behind her as Lightson tosses one of his stones at a Daemonette and takes a swig of a recently abandoned beverage on the table.

Gamalian breaks free of his bondage, but is almost immediately struck down by one of the Daemonettes.

Hanlon, who has been fighting hard with a Daemonettes, drops one with a serenely deadly shot with his damdra.
It’s about this time that Persuader enters the fray and destroys a Daemonette like only a giant blue dragon rhino can, in the name of Tierra’s protection.

Roark, who’d been biding his time up to this point swoops in and, like a stork carrying new life, swoops in to the recently fallen Gamalian and delivers Lauraphim’s healing magic, reviving the fallen elf.

Hanlon and persuader continue to wreck Daemons, and drop another two of the inappropriately dressed belligerents. A nasty claw catches Garion in the midsection, and he drops to the bar floor, unconscious.

Gamalian uses the new life that Roark delivered to summon mijime into his hand. Gamalian wastes no time turning and driving the blade hilt-deep into a nearby Daemonette.

Hanlon uses the distraction to deliver a flurry to the Daemonette delivering major damage to the demon. Roark flutters around one of the demons, while Persuader lays into another. Tierra, swinging her akkadakadan hammer, smashes the final Daemonette, leaving the group victorious yet again.

Hanlon uses his newest victory to puff up his chest and stare daggers at Marilith, Marilith doesn’t seem impressed, but his held back with a timely intervention by Loraphim.

Gamalian decides to take a walk past Marilith and her entourage, but gets noticed and makes conversation with some nearby Frog-people. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery, Marilith walks by the party’s table, and moves to offer condolences to the Daemonettes, making special effort to exude the awful, sickening aura to our table of heroes.

After some deliberation and a few rounds of drinks, the group decides to leave the Nicely Nicely – with an escort from Loraphim— one cannot be too careful.

We leave our party on the platform, legendary token in hand, ready to press the call button for the barge ride.


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