The Great Adventure

Sorties in Badorties 2b, electric boogaloo
writeup by Prince John

The adventure continues……

memories of those who survived:
“We have seen the tide come in and out from Badorties, but never have we seen the Tide take over the city……”

“It filled the sky. It was a dragon……”

Badorties Lament
“Where were you when the waters parted?
Where were you as families divided?
Up on the wall, shooting at scales?
Out on the ground, hitting without fail?
Where were you – trying to flee?
Where were you – in front of the trees?
I died by sword, spear or tooth.
I died without knowing the truth.”

Smoke rises over the city, as the adventurers reel from the recent battle. Tiran Lightson is standing over the body of an amphibious Shaman, wipping the blood off his dagger. He was about to make a quip to his familair, Rourk, and caught himself. Rourk was near death, but stabilized, kept in the new house hiding hole. Holding his glowing staff, the wizard picks rings off it’s body, with one that appears to be magical. Garion and Tierra stand nearby, breathless from the recent battle with other creatures of the deep.

The guards recover from their recent battle. Clad in platemail and the Lion’s Pride Emblem, they ingest some potions and introduce themselves. Ron carried a Ferguson bastard sword and shield, Darstin carries a hammer. Clearly, they are impressed with the battle gropu, as they offer a quiver to Gamalion.

Shortly thereafter, a new group of enemies appear. Two large hag like creatues appear, with one apparently carrying the body of a young child. The rear is brought up by another 6 fish creatures. These monsters rush the newly made friends.

Tierra takes a moment to pray, successfuly giving the adventurers blessings. Gamalion stricks one of the crone creatures with a black arrow, and Garion manages to connect with the other large hag. The child is tossed, and strikes down Tiran. The wizard becomes angry, as the child looks like his own younger brothers. Before we know it, a large spear flies from over the heads of the heroes, and strikes down the large hag monster, actually knocking it offs it feet.

In a rage, Tiran tosses two purple vials, and causes some significant damage with unearthly fire upon the gangly creatures. This hit both the standing and prone hags. Tierra also tosses one of the purple glass balls, striking one of the large creatures. Dorstin throws his hammer, hitting the upright hag, and the thrown weapon returns to the hands of it’s owner. Tiran casts burning hands, and destroys the hag on the ground. Ron strikes the standing hag, which final collapses in a pile of ashes. His companion, Darstin, hits one of the fish creatures behind to cause damage. Tiran rushes to the body of the child tosser, and strikes it out of anger. The remaining fish creatures run off the street into the water.

The street darkens, the light from the wizards staff winks out. At that point, the group starts to head to the periphery of the city. They run towards the tower, and treeline at the city’s edge. They see in the distance a group of 20 beings, including walking lizard-men. Ron and Darstin break off, taking on the battlegroup. They encourage the remainding heroes to carry on to the tower.

Garion breaks down the door, and enters the tower. The group of four rush to the top of the structure, and encourage a tall hag like creature, standing next to a ballista. Garion and Tierra enter first. Garion manages to hit the monster, and Tierra jumps into the Ballista. Garion strikes the creature again, with Gamalion delivering the killing blow with an arrow. The hag collapses, and folds over the side of the wall.

Tierra runs back down the tower, and Tiran closes the door behind her. The cleric rushes out to examine a soldier who appears to have been tossed out of the tower earlier.

From above, the warriors see Darkhand, the captain they had met earlier in the village. They then notice a crocodile creature, coming up the street with someone in it’s mouth. Gamalion fires a shot, and hit’s it with a bolt.

In the meantime, Tierra is almost caught by some kind of lobster creature. Tiran, the wizard, manages to let the healer back into the tower, and the two bar the door. The cleric stabs it with a spear through an opening. The spell caster rushed up to the top of the tower, and drops a purple glass ball onto the lobster creature. It departs, on fire.

Off in the distance, upon the top of Humla’s Shrine, the Light of day erupts among the darkened skies. It is almost bliding. A radiant figure is seen on the balcony, glowing like the sun. A voice, bolstered by magic, rings out “… Under seige, …. By evil. Every Head 100 gold”. All who hear the voice feel a calmness, and blessing, an ispirational feeling.

However, a swooping black creature is seen near the tower, with a silhouette like a Dragon. Shalkia is attacked by the ‘dragon’, and knocked off of the balcony. The heroes on the tower see the creature, flying towards them. Garion and Gamalion attempt to hit the creature with the ballistica, but it appears to cause no damage. And the creature of darkness continues it’s flight in the air…….

Re: DMJ Sched
writeup by Baron von Buhler

From her vantage point behind the ballista, Tierra could see the wooden missile glance harmlessly off the dragon. It turned, mid-flight, to consider them.

“Sophia, stand with us” she prayed, “we’ve drawn the ire of a great monster and we need your wisdom.” Heart pounding, she allowed her deity’s resistance to roll over her as she prepared for battle.

Far out, close to the harbour, lighting forked out from the ground with a boom knocking the dragon to the ground.

Even while it fell, Gamalian and Garian were calling out instructions to each other and releasing another bolt. This one punctured deep into the dragon, knocking it back and allowing a celebratory cheer from the tower.

The celebration was short-lived.

“Frogs. Crawling up your tower!” Tiran and Tiarra peered over to see an approaching couple, one a very short man, the other a slender woman brandishing a whip. They were gesturing toward two frog-creatures crawling up the tower’s side. The woman’s whip appeared to change form, into a snake, and strike out at the frog, knocking it to the ground.

Thwak. Another bolt from the ballista finds it’s mark in the dragon’s chest and the wounded monster thinks better of attacking the tower. It leaves for a less protected area.

Tiran strikes the second frog-creature, sending it to the dust below.

Three sharp whistle blasts catch the crew’s attention. The whistler, Ron Fergason, is in trouble battling a huge creature. Tierra squints at it, “a drowning devil,” she breaths. “I’ve only ever seen those in books.” She glances around for help. A white-clad knight on horseback catches her attention.

“We need to help Ron!” But Gam and Garian already had the ballista half-way around toward the Devil.

“Come on!” She rushed downstairs, Tiran in tow.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tiran and Tiarra pause to heal Harin and introduce each other.

“This way!”

Twack. A bolt hits the devil.

The small group winds it’s way to where Tierra spotted the knight. Tiran, the halfling, and the sorceress make short work of the 7-foot hag engaged with the paladin and his companion.

In the distance, the crack of the ballista marks another injury to the devil.

“We need to go,” Tierra pants, “there is a Devil back there, a drowned devil, and he’ll kill a lot of people if we don’t stop it.”

“Devil you say?” The paladin considers. “That’s a job for Sig Asender!” He rears his horse and glints brilliantly in the sun with a little help from a sorceress sidekick.

Sig and the little band of heros follows a slightly smitten Tierra to the action. Several guards are down, and Tierra uses several scroll spells to heal them from drowning in the middle of the dry street. Several of her friends cower from a magically-induced fear.

Sig charges forward with his sword. Sorceresses shoot balls of fire and phantasmal snakes at it. The Devil falls, body dissolving into water.

Meanwhile, the dragon takes the opportunity of the Devil’s battle to attack the ballista. It is destroyed in a cone of acid. The dragon flies overhead and Lightson fires a stone, Gamalian an arrow, and Tierra a celestial eagle. The combined hits force the dragon to the dirt for a final time.

March 12 Adventure Summary
writeup by Lord Fowlie

Wow, a dragon; If only Captain Tormund could see me now. Gamalian and I looked over the edge of the tower to see the freshly slain wyrm splayed out over some poor fool’s house. After catching our breath, Gamalian decided we needed to check out the house, to make sure it was still standing, and that Jongkin and company were still breathing.

As we headed out to check out the house, Tierra was already hard at work tending to the wounded. Her first target was Darkhand, who was hunched against the side of a building, still in rough shape after the battle with the demon. As Darkhand was being brought back into consciousness, a terrible sounding horn blasted out over the city. The immediate area clear around us, it appeared as though the fish monsters might just be retreating.

Our new companion climbed up the house to inspect the fresh dragon corpse, while Tiran started the grizzly business of removing the heads of some of the creatures near the tower; apparently he was taking his stewardly duties seriously, and looking out for our bottom line.

Lightson was distracted from what could only be described as cutting a steak with a toothpick when Shelkia’s voice started booming out over the city. “Badoritians!, Badorities has survived!” But just as Lightson’s dreams were filling with images of popping corks and celebrations, a deliberate message of “not so fast” came from the rest of Shelkia’s message. “All Badoritians are ordered to return to their homes! Anyone found on the streets face punishment of death!”

Not the best news we’d hear this night, but fortunately Gam and I were already on our way to the house. We arrived to find the door swinging open, and a large hole in our wall where an unfortunate lion’s prider had been thrown into it. Suspicious, Gam and I entered the house, following my new best friend Ferguson. As I approached the door to the bedroom I was surprised as the door burst open, and three hooded figures rushed out past me towards the roof access. One of them tossed a smoke bomb behind them, but this wouldn’t be enough to escape some old fashioned Cuthbertian justice at my hands. I tackled the last one of them, but the first two slipped away up the stairs and to the city beyond. The bandit I’d captured was quick to spill that he’d simply been looting with his compatriots, and after liberating him of his gear and reminding him how Ferguson deals with repeat offenders, he was released out on to the street. It turned out after all this that Jongkin and the new refugees were alright, still cowering in the cellar. I boarded up the hole in the wall and Gamalian went out searching for the injured, while I went to the roof to stand watch.

[—-Hanlon, Tierra and others had antics during this time.]

A little while later, I spotted Tierra, Gam and Tiran returning with some wounded. They managed to closely avoid a Pride patrol by slipping into a nearby alley. Tierra applied whatever healing she could to the wounded, and they were set up as comfortably as possible in the house.

Gamalian headed out to find more injured, and I returned to the roof. Just as I climbed up the ladder, I spotted some movement off towards the tower and the dead dragon. From what I could surprisingly clearly make out, Hanlon was laying waste to the other thieves who had just been chased out of our house.

Tierra and I took some lion’s pride cloaks we’d gathered from the street and headed out towards Hanlon and the dragon. While walking we encounteded a lone pride patroller, and Tierra managed to send him off towards the merchants quarter. When we arrived at the house with the dragon on top, I knocked once, then followed up with a knock from Mr. Ferguson. The house was empty, and access to the roof blocked. I climbed up the outside of the building with some help from Hanlon’s stone working abilities. Once up there, we moved the dragon, and started to remove some parts. Tierra remembered there were axes in the tower, and threw one up to us. We removed the head and collected some scales and blood from the corpse.

Tierra and Gam then headed out towards the Ag district, where there were apparently lots of wounded from when the dragon had landed there previously.

whoops, no writeup
writeup by Prince John, supposedly

[Another game in Osler. Further exploration after the fall of the dragon, and meeting of the beautiful bard. Fina’s character was elsewhere, as she was elsewhere..]
When Tiran thinks of the night after the dragon went down, he has only a rough recollection. “I remember pouring myself a few mugfuls of ale and wine, and then running outside with Garion. There were undead creatures, and I even spilled my drink….. And then there was a glorious bard……..”

May 30 Adventure Log
writeup by Lord Fowlie

“Gale, oh Gale, so glorious! So… so… wait, where did she go?” Hanlon and I were working out the finer details of our conquest of the dragon, whose head we had brought upstairs to prove our mettle, when the sounds of the crowds outside snapped us out of our reverie and we noticed Gale was gone.

More people were arriving by the minute, everyone seeking more of Sophia’s healing energies through Tierra’s blessing. Tierra as it were had collapsed from exhaustion due to her incredible exploits the night before. We’d heard the announcement from Shelkiah that healing centres were being set up in the agricultural (check) district, so I decided to step outside and politely suggest that the throngs outside make their way over to said healing centres, as this particular outlet was currently closed. During negotiations, there was a terrible explosion that rung out from the other side of town; this served to motivate the mass of people to getting inside even faster. The crowds weren’t having any of my diplomacy, so I fell back on my tried and tested Cudgel diplomacy, with the help of my new and dear friend Mr. Ferguson. The crowds weren’t interested in Mr. Ferguson’s arguments, and I caved and let a child inside with the intention of slipping him a healing potion once the commotion had subsided. I was reminding the crowd that this gathering would only draw unwanted Pride attention, when who would appear, but a squad of our friendly neighbourhood priders.

The guards, having very little patience, kicked the door in. Lightson took the lead and assumed his Stewardly ways, trying to reason with our guests. Apparently, someone had been running around healing people in the name of a false (read: not Hummla) god, and this absolutely could not go unpunished. They also accused us of deicide, which at least on that account I felt fairly confident in our innocence, as most likely none of the zombies the night before had been gods. I even made an attempt at calling on my Machine beating fame as Hodor, but they were also not interested in the least in these attempts. Tierra was awoken by the commotion in the living room and came out to see what was going on. Tierra explained to the guards that she had indeed been healing people, but no false gods were involved, praise Hummla and the like. No, we were under arrest, they insisted.

Then things got interesting.

With a slight whistle, and a satisfying ‘thwack’, one of the guards waiting outside cried out as mysterious assailant attacked from a rooftop behind them. The guards started to head outside, prepared to deal with the ambush that had befallen them. Hanlon, the mysteriously gifted mason/monk used this opportunity to show off just how serene he could really be. He struck out fast and hard, and just like that the fight was on.

It was hard to tell what exactly was happening in the confined quarters of the house, but I do know that Tierra was cracking skulls with her staff, and at some point Lightson dropped one of his burning jars of oil, which made for quite the fun time out in front of the house.

The guards tried calling out for reinforcements, and Hanlon gave chase to one of the guards who took off for this purpose. After some more combat, and a few more well placed arrows from the helpful mystery archer, the leader of the Priders decided he’d better book it as well. We gave chase, which wasn’t especially fun, Hellforged chain doesn’t exactly breathe well. We’d been chasing for what seemed like an eternity when Gamalian all of the sudden joined in, I also noticed that the strange raven fluttering in the guard’s face was Roarc. Gamalian was finally able to trip him up, and Tierra ceremoniously ended his career with the Pride with a crack of her staff. Hanlon returned shortly after, looking pretty roughed up, “you should have seen the other guy” his serenity seemed to shout.

Before we could even catch our breath, we were thinking about what to do with this new corpse we had just created. Hanlon had a friend nearby, but she wasn’t having any of us dumping the corpse at her place. We took the body back towards our place, looted them, and decided to stash all the Priders in a newly vacated home a few doors down from our house.

Another fantastic morning in Badorities. We were delighted to find out that the explosion we heard earlier, was cause by none other than my fine brother Gamalian, the fool elf had apparently been accosted by some ne’er do wells and extorted into planting the device with Shelkiah and other high ranking official types. I guess that explains the deicide. Time for us to bravely run away.

Great Escapetations
writeup by Duke Jake

We hear an amplified male voice… "Badoritians, there is a terrorist
organisation in Badorites!
1. Harbouring these terrorists is terrorism
2. Any information will be rewarded
3. Withholding information is terrorism
4. All elves will be brought in for questioning (interrogation)
5. Strict curfew, on pain of death
Sounds like Bradford Stonewall.
I guess it’s time to valiantly get out of Dodge.
With all the hassle and potential grief we have brought upon Jonkin, we
offer 200GP, but he declines, saying that he will be under enough
scrutiny without having an enormous purse to explain. He settles for 5
chipped gems and one flawed gem plus 100GP that I was able to hide
inside a stone. He probably won’t have to work for the rest of his life.
Tierra and Tiran take most of the gear to the Dragon House to rest while
Nova joins Roark who is set to alarm a 2 block radius.
Gam and Gar get a -8 for half-assedness in their disguises and end up
looking like their makeup was done by a drunk Liza Manelli. Meanwhile, I
take the dragon’s head and stash it in the house where we dropped off
the no longer functioning Lion’s Priders. I stop by Herrika’s house and
let her know where it is if she want’s to pilfer anything, and then we
part ways.
There are 6 squatters in the Dragon House, but Tierra manages to bluff
her way in as Lady of the House. She lets the squatters have some food
and stay quietly. Gam and Gar show up and immediately set down to
re-disguising themselves. Tiran recalls Roark and finds that there are
a group of LP in the vicinity of our old place, and after about 45
minutes, we see them pass. One has a black hand. They turn away from
our new hideout.
I head up to the roof then over to the tower to check out the
neighbourhood. I note the following:
1. 4 LP at each gate
2. 2-3 LP on almost every corner
3. I can see 32 LP from my vantage point on the top of the tower.
I go back to Dragon House to report my findings.
I help Gam make some Jewelry for Roark and he is able to out charm Tiran
for Roark’s affections.
We have a visit by 5 LP, but Gam is able to bluff them off with a
description of the newly developing “Coughing Plague”. Hanlon and Tiran
go out into the alleyway, but don’t see anything further. We take a
blessing of healing spells and then get some rest in preparation for
tonight’s excursion.
Tierra starts the escape plan and casts Darkness on a stone which we
carry with us to stay under cover. She also asks Roark to fly lookout
for us… “you are awesome and heroic, you are super awesome, I have
great tits” Roark agrees.
We walk along the wall holding a rope, with me in the lead, scouting.
As we near the river, we almost slip past a goup of guards, but Gam
calls out, alerting the guards. I immediately jump down the embankment,
expecting everyone to follow. They do not. I have my end of the rope
but it feels like everyone else has let go. I anchor one hand into the
rock and hold the rope with the other. Tiran, obviously still feeling
the effects of the drink, falls on his face. Gam and Gar make it down
the embankment, but not without Gar taking a couple of crossbow bolts.
Just when we think we are safely hidden along the bank, Gar takes
another hit, this time a Hammer. They both hold the rope. Tiran takes a
header off the top, but I’m able to catch him before he hits the water.
He almost rips my arm off, but I’m able to hold fast. Tierra makes her
way down under control and casts “Walk On Water” onto me and Tiran. Oh
this is easier. Gam and Gar let loose of the rope and drift off with
the current. Just as we are getting out of earshot, we hear Darston?
say “Hodor, Talik, what are you doing?”
We regroup 150m downstream and cross the river, hopefully to safety.

I certify this to be a true and accurate account of events as I
experienced them. I think more shit went down on the top.
Hanlon the Serene, of the Stonekin, 16 After.

Hey Matic, don’t forget email DMC for some vegetables.

The Adventure Continues
Run from Badorties

Our adventure continues…….

Our party manages to escape Badorties. Tierra, Hanlon, and Tiran walk on water, due to the spell from Tierra, holding Gamalion and Garion in tow. Once they cross the water, Tierra heals Tiran, and then channels some kind of prayer, such that everyone feels a healing energy.

The party evaluated their location, and after some discussion, decide to head south for the Southern Influence. They form a diamond formation, to cut accross the forest and aim towards the southern river.

It is a dark, cloudy morning (as they crossed the river around 4:30 in the morning), with Roark occasionally looking ahead as a scout. The adventurers hear, “Tink, tink, tink….” Garion cries out “Fairies”. It promptly starts to rain.

The rain pours down. It is now 6:30 in the morning, with no sign of purist. It is spring, late may, with a light west wind. The party is getting soaked, to the point where the brothers begin to shiver and looking blue. The group decides to make a shelf and a fire. Even the raven is wet, and unhappy.

The monk clims a tree, looking for anything of interest. The rain cuts down the visibility, although he thinks they are about 5 kilometers from the town. Garion thinks that it well be a heavy rain. Hanlon and Tiran get moss and grass, for warmth. The brothers begin to feel somewhat better, as they use the dry grass to insulate themselves.

By the time it is about 9 oclock, the party decies to break camp. Roark finds shelter under Tiran’s cloak, and the adventureres wrap warm stones in their cloaks. They get close to the Southern Influence, to the point where they can see a vessel on the water. Tiran, used to merchant markings, can identify that it is carrying raw material, heading north. It seems to be carrying goods from agriculture, including grains and sacks.

The rain continues, and Garions teeth start chattering. They encounter some ruins, as they encounter an old farmhouse. They initially don’t see anything of concern. They do hear some skittering from inside.

They approach with trepidition; Tierra sees two large spiders inside. Garion tries to push over the house, which merely makes the house from a being slightly askew, to having a rather severe lean. At this point, Tierra begins to cast some sort of spell. The entire party can hear scuttling; and a celstial dire rat appears.

Combat begins. A large spider tries to attack Garion, who promptly splits the creature in half. Tiran casts his protective wart, while the second spider attacks and kills the celstial rat. It moves back into the house.

Hanlon and Garion both strike the house, such that it collapses to half of it’s height. Tierra that calls upon an earth elemental, which enters the collapsed structure. The party can hear sounds of scuttling and signs of battle. Hanlon enters, but then leaves.

At this point, the party decides to return to travelling alongside the river. Garion is doing alright, despite the wet weather.

The party is travelling about 200 feet off the river. As they turn a corner, they wencounter a cyclops. Tiran actually is the last to see the creature. Tierra begins a prayer to Sophia, as she uneasily eyes the creature. He is nine feet talkk, wearing hide and carrying a sizeable crossbow. The creature rushes us. Roark flies to distract. Tierra attempts to cast hold, although the one eyed monster resists. Garion strickes the creature. Tiran attempts to cast grease, but the monster resists this spell effect as well. The creature then strikes Garion. Hnlon strikes the monster, causeing immense damage, and the beast is now bruised. Gamalion then hits with a killing shot.

After the creature falls, the party notices a path. It leads to a cave, which seems to have two sites for sleeping, although empty at the moment. It’s now late afternoon, about 4:30pm.

The cave is explored, and found to have a number of blankets and furs. The height is about 8 to 10 feet, with an opening about 7 feet round. The body of the cyclops ins dragged in, and placed to face the opening.

The items in the cave are gone over in greater detail. There are blankets, furs, various boat supplies, including spy glass, copper mastehad, 4 bags of grin, and a ripped sail. As well, ther is a platinum flute with some engraings. When Tiran casts detect magic, he reveals the flute has features of “nature’s mimic”.

Tiran rigs the crossbow on a tripwire, such that it is triggered by entering the cave enterance. Hanlon tries to make smoke holes.

And at 6pm, the party continues to wait out the rain……

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Hell is like being trapped between a one-eyed giant and the cold certainty of death

We got soft in Badorties. A home. Servants. What were we thinking? The Cold Mistress has come to remind us of our place in the world, thought Tierra, through chattering teeth.

She wasn’t the only one. Each member of the party were getting colder by the minute, and some were starting to really suffer.

She glanced at the wizard who was shivering uncontrollably. “That’s it, we’re going to have to build a fire in the entryway.”

A short discussion of where to build a fire ensued, but it was clear that anywhere inside the cave would force them out like drowning rats.

“I’ll come with you, there must be some dead-fall around here.” Garian’s confident voice cleared the chatter. A glance around showed that no one could think of a better plan. Besides, perhaps the second cyclops was just a poor interpretation of facts, and the cold was going to kill them either way.

The wood was wet, very wet. But when a pile of musty grain was added Tiran managed to get a blaze out of it and Garian and TIerra set out to find wood for a wind break. Good thinking, Garian, Tierra thought, I had completely forgotten about the sail.

Tiran managed to engineer a decent sail-wind-break while Gamalion tied up some clotheslines and began on some porridge.

Hanlon, his stone obsession clear, began to heat some rocks in the fire. How can anyone that in touch with stones be completely right in the head? He made up for his odd idiosyncrasy by volunteering for watch.

The rest of the party began to warm up, but it was a quiet fire as the wet wood marked their spot to even the dullest-minded giant, and the most city-born watchman.

Watch switched around, with Tierra setting up a tarp to keep the rain off the watcher’s post. Ok, so the warm stones weren’t such a foolish idea. Tierra went to bed without incident, sending Gamalion to watch the night.

Sleeping on that bedroll was amazing, and Tierra drifted quickly. It seemed that barely seconds had passed and she was dreaming that Gamalion was yelling “Cyclops, hold or die, this is your last dance” from a million miles away. How did he get so far away? How could his voice carry that far? Why would he be dancing with the Cyclops. Oh last chance! He was saying last chance. He should really come closer before he yells.

She never saw Tiran man the crossbow, and the yell of “incoming” was almost as far away as Gamalion. (Though the clap of thunder sounded close.) Nor did she see Tiran cast a ward, Rork abandon the cave, Gam attempt to circle around for a better shot. She slept restless through Tiran’s epic crossbow shot, Ham’s (almost epic) fail — and the serious damage he took. But something in his cry out in pain brought her suddenly to reality.

Tierra scrambled up and searched for her weapon while Tieran threw his glowing stones at the one-eyed giant, and the cyclops charged Garian, crushing him against the wall. Hanlon attacked with his odd-looking damdra.

Tierra was so focused on lining up the cyclopse Sophia, let me hit true! That she completely missed Gamalion’s stealthy approach behind the cyclops with the cursed dagger. Gamalion’s banker training paid off, as he sunk it deep into the cyclops’ kidney and the beast colapsed like a dropped marionette.

Before it hit the ground, Gamalian turned and stuck the knife into Hanlon who fell as quickly as the beast.

“Disarm!” Her voice carried a mystical authority, and Gamalian dropped the weapon, and the trance it placed over him.

Wham, wham. Tarin’s rocks hit Gam for good measure a moment before Garion tackled his brother. He wouldn’t be stabbing anyone for a little while, curse or no.

Sophia, let him live. Give him your strength as he has not his own. Bind his wounds that he might again walk with us. She was kneeling beside Hanlon and felt the familiar power flow through her with intoxicating reassurance. It was enough. Hanlon woke.

A debate over the knife broke out. Gamalian and, of all people, Hanlon, fighting for the idea that Gam should keep the knife. He must still be suffering the after effects of shock, she thought. In the end, the interveners won, and Tierra was elected to carry the knife. Which she did, carefully wrapped in a cloth.

She drifted off, thinking thank Sophia for the bed roll, and for the strength to have defended this cave.

The morning progressed normally, with Tiran looting a body, and Gam helping to count the odd currencies from unknown kingdoms, and Gar making breakfast.

A late start, but rested and somewhat warmer, the party hit the road. It wasn’t an hour before they crested a hill to spot a colourful band of wagons (pulled by bison) approaching. It was a group of about 25 people, 5 wagons and 14 chickens crossing the wilderness. The wagons wore signs proudly pronouncing that Kassanoody’s Karnaval was here. Kassanoody’s Karnaval? Who’s ever heard of that?

Several riders approached, and a couple of the party members hid to watch the exchange.

“Ho! Greetings travelers! We’re the world famous Kassanoody’s Karnaval.”

Kassanoody himself approached the group with a poetic introduction and jazz hands from his followers.

The party told them a little about Badorties, and Kassadoody told them about trouble in and near Bogdanka “a shit cake covered in shit.” Apparently the big deals there were a Alcasties family that became big after the civil war and controlled the mining town. They’re good at collecting tax, and intercepting travellers with guards stretched out all the way to the river.

Eventually talk turned to a feast and good alcohol (Ice fire), and the party began to forget about cold and giant one-eyed beings, lost in their promise of a better day.

Kasanoody's Karnival

Is there anything more wonderful than a carnival? With all the strange accents and strange smells, the interesting people and the even more interesting spectacle. It is only at a carnival where, for a few pieces of silver, you can be transported to a far off land where things you have only imagined, or read about in books, are brought to life right before your eyes. And to stumble across a carnival in the middle of the forest, where you are the only guests, is a true marvel, for you do not have to fight with others for the attention of the Carnys, and you get to see a little bit of the action behind the scenes.

Hanlon and Gam rejoin the group from the bushes to hear Tiran asking about fire ice wine. Kasanoody seems ammenable and we retire to a tarp covered area from where we can see some fighters (2 half orcs, 2 rogures, 2 clerics (a master and an apprentice) and a couple of wizards. Basic introductions are made and the ever chatty Kasanoody is happy to hint at the possibility of later seeing a play to be performed by his troupe of players all of whom have some bardic training and can play musical intruments. A cursory examination of these instruments reveals that they are well made… this appers to be a well off crew.
We meet Kasanoody’s wife Inthin, an elven monk when she brings in some refreshments. We sit and listen to Kasanoody expouse the magnificence of his Carnival (“with a K”, we are informed) after we let slip that we have not heard of them on our travels. Kasanoody is attempting to become the BEST MOBILE INFORMATION DEPOT IN THE WORLD, and to do this, he travels far and wide, buying, selling, entertaining. He foreshadows that it is not a cheap thing to do, with many expenses and lots of training. He has only the best in his troupe and any douchecopters are soon let go. Smiles are free, succor is free on the first day, hospitality is free, but everything else costs, and if you do not wish to pay, you nardburglars are welcome to go get it yourself.

We have a short discussion regarding rain gear, something with a little oil in it, and drop 40GP each on rain poncho’s and boots. We are finally dry, but still a little chilled, and Kanoody graciously lends us some fur linings to go inside our new duds for the evening.
The food arrives, and as the crew sets up a stage and seating area, we tuck into some roast beast, wild boar, and other very fine foods, expertly prepared with foreign spices, along with some fine wines.

We watch the play, called “Borsan’s Gift”, about a young man who wanted fighting glory. He was never satisfied and alienated all his family and friends. There appears a white dragon and with it, the opportunity for epic glory. When the battle comes, Borsan stays his sword to allow a youth to throw his grandfather’s dragon killing spear. The dragon hits Borsan with it’s breath, killing him. When the townspeople find his body, they find a visage of contentment.

The play was still a little rough, but one thing we took from it was they used a real dragon’s head although probably not a real white dragon.

Kasanoody wants to hear more of Badorities and we trade him story for story. Tierra tells of the fish people and the ensuing battle, the change of leadership at the top, Shalkia killed, and how the town is now under martial law with the dead rising and the gates closed. Kanoody sums it up perfectly with: “Shit in your easter basket”

B’Haktaran – really the center of southern culture – very mystical and unrefined. They draw from southern cultures making it a very interesting place. Best area for magic in the south.

Bankhar – smaller, less chaotic and very peaceful. The southern people are full of passion, and it feels like you are on the verge of death a lot of the time. You must show respect for their culture and they will happily trade with you. You must not appear weak, have bravado and swagger, talk fiercely and confidently. Do not be polite and gentle or they will mop the floor with you. There are many merchants, and religions, particularly natural religions. There are Kings and Kingdoms, but people generally run their own lives in the strong merchant economy.

Ulia – not our favourite palce inthe world – they are not a fan of Tierra’s religion. K – most places are not fond of Sophiaists.

Gam asks Kasanoody if he’d consider going south due to the upheaval in Badorities, but he responds that south is not his path.

Other side of the Scar – “you gotta be tough as tits to get across” Kasanoody and crew recently met a Baylor – major demon – that pushed them to their limits. They also met some giants and dragons – small, peppered with blue (lightning) – act big when you meet a dragon, try to negotiate your way out of a conflict. “It is slightly less horribly dangerous to cross the Scar near Ash Shahawa.” As for other settlements on the other side… elves and gnomes, but no cities. There is a harbour on the Vast with a small settlement and the ability to build you a ship if they have 2 months notice. There are lots of old temples and small strongholds of about 30 people. Kasanoody offhandly remarks on the existance of huge insects and dinosaurs.

Tiran and Tierra wander off to talk to the wizards and are mistaken for alchemists… they are looking for help to make a “Forehead bomb” which they discover is called a Rythansias Bomb made from a noxious weed with caustic pollen that makes your eyes burn and your throat cough horribly.

It is at about this point that Gam notices that his bow is missing and although initially some of us suspect theft, we realise that he left it inside the cyclop’s cave. Kasanoody indicated that he has some items that might replace the lost bow, but when we ask to see them, he insists that we wait until tomorrow to view his stock.

Kasanoody lends us a tent for the night and we get down to some rest. The watch order is Gam and Hanlon, then Tierra, then Garion, then Tiran.

At 4am there is a commotion. Kasanoody’s watch notices some JUBAKABRA – 4 to 5 ft lizards -and raise the alarm. One of their guards (hestor with his sheep familiar) hits it with a magical arrow and it scuttles off. We can see a few more of the JK in the light from the arrow, but the guards don’t seem to be too worried about them although a guard remarks to Tierra that “these things are difficult”.

Night continues until day.

Tiran awakes with surprisingly no hangover but Inthin still gives him a small flask of the hair of the dog.

Kasanoody opens his magic store for us to browse saying “we have lots of potions, armour, shields, wands, staffs, scrolls, tomes, masterwork and magical. We can craft magical items, or imbue current items.”

Tiran detects magic on all our items…
Hanlon’s ring of stability – when wearer wants, when both feet are planted, you are almost unmoveable. A rushing bull will stop and take damage.
Gam’s longsword 4000GP, +1. shield 4000GP +1shield, +3 AC. 10K for the set.
Chain, +1 hits and wrapping capability 7000GP
purple bomb – alchemal
flute 5000GP mimic’s nature’s sounds

What follow’s is a list of some of the more interesting items with prices quoted by Kasanoody:
cost to enchant Ferguson sword, 6000GP toburst of fire on 19 or 20, better effect against cold creature.
Alchemist’s fire 125 per vial
Enhance damdrah – stagger on a good roll, align against creature, (2500) blood claw – damages -1 weilder, but +4 damage, hit for cold, hit to suck health 19-20 rolls 1/2 of damage recovered to weilder (8000gp)
Jingabo hat of comic relief (let’s ask jingabo) 7 charges left (3500)
rings of bound health, when two people wear these rings, you split the damage, 4000GP
ultra fine mithral shirt, 4 pounds +4 to AC (10K GB)
bracers +1 1500, +3 12K
feather, gail feather, powerful wind gust. (7000gp)
horn of stirring, (3000)
ring of climbing (3500)
cloak of elemental protection 1/2 the spell, but constant (3000gp)
bag of holding +1, 3500GP
potion of constition
crossbow hits like a heavy, but loads like a light +1 5000gp
anti toxin vial 75gp
tanglefoot bag 100gp
thunderstone 50gp
cure moderate wounds 500gp
chime of opening
scroll of fireball

It is now 10am and we have much to discuss and decide.
HANLON 16 (hours) after (arriving) : )


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