The Great Adventure

March 12 Adventure Summary
writeup by Lord Fowlie

Wow, a dragon; If only Captain Tormund could see me now. Gamalian and I looked over the edge of the tower to see the freshly slain wyrm splayed out over some poor fool’s house. After catching our breath, Gamalian decided we needed to check out the house, to make sure it was still standing, and that Jongkin and company were still breathing.

As we headed out to check out the house, Tierra was already hard at work tending to the wounded. Her first target was Darkhand, who was hunched against the side of a building, still in rough shape after the battle with the demon. As Darkhand was being brought back into consciousness, a terrible sounding horn blasted out over the city. The immediate area clear around us, it appeared as though the fish monsters might just be retreating.

Our new companion climbed up the house to inspect the fresh dragon corpse, while Tiran started the grizzly business of removing the heads of some of the creatures near the tower; apparently he was taking his stewardly duties seriously, and looking out for our bottom line.

Lightson was distracted from what could only be described as cutting a steak with a toothpick when Shelkia’s voice started booming out over the city. “Badoritians!, Badorities has survived!” But just as Lightson’s dreams were filling with images of popping corks and celebrations, a deliberate message of “not so fast” came from the rest of Shelkia’s message. “All Badoritians are ordered to return to their homes! Anyone found on the streets face punishment of death!”

Not the best news we’d hear this night, but fortunately Gam and I were already on our way to the house. We arrived to find the door swinging open, and a large hole in our wall where an unfortunate lion’s prider had been thrown into it. Suspicious, Gam and I entered the house, following my new best friend Ferguson. As I approached the door to the bedroom I was surprised as the door burst open, and three hooded figures rushed out past me towards the roof access. One of them tossed a smoke bomb behind them, but this wouldn’t be enough to escape some old fashioned Cuthbertian justice at my hands. I tackled the last one of them, but the first two slipped away up the stairs and to the city beyond. The bandit I’d captured was quick to spill that he’d simply been looting with his compatriots, and after liberating him of his gear and reminding him how Ferguson deals with repeat offenders, he was released out on to the street. It turned out after all this that Jongkin and the new refugees were alright, still cowering in the cellar. I boarded up the hole in the wall and Gamalian went out searching for the injured, while I went to the roof to stand watch.

[—-Hanlon, Tierra and others had antics during this time.]

A little while later, I spotted Tierra, Gam and Tiran returning with some wounded. They managed to closely avoid a Pride patrol by slipping into a nearby alley. Tierra applied whatever healing she could to the wounded, and they were set up as comfortably as possible in the house.

Gamalian headed out to find more injured, and I returned to the roof. Just as I climbed up the ladder, I spotted some movement off towards the tower and the dead dragon. From what I could surprisingly clearly make out, Hanlon was laying waste to the other thieves who had just been chased out of our house.

Tierra and I took some lion’s pride cloaks we’d gathered from the street and headed out towards Hanlon and the dragon. While walking we encounteded a lone pride patroller, and Tierra managed to send him off towards the merchants quarter. When we arrived at the house with the dragon on top, I knocked once, then followed up with a knock from Mr. Ferguson. The house was empty, and access to the roof blocked. I climbed up the outside of the building with some help from Hanlon’s stone working abilities. Once up there, we moved the dragon, and started to remove some parts. Tierra remembered there were axes in the tower, and threw one up to us. We removed the head and collected some scales and blood from the corpse.

Tierra and Gam then headed out towards the Ag district, where there were apparently lots of wounded from when the dragon had landed there previously.

Re: DMJ Sched
writeup by Baron von Buhler

From her vantage point behind the ballista, Tierra could see the wooden missile glance harmlessly off the dragon. It turned, mid-flight, to consider them.

“Sophia, stand with us” she prayed, “we’ve drawn the ire of a great monster and we need your wisdom.” Heart pounding, she allowed her deity’s resistance to roll over her as she prepared for battle.

Far out, close to the harbour, lighting forked out from the ground with a boom knocking the dragon to the ground.

Even while it fell, Gamalian and Garian were calling out instructions to each other and releasing another bolt. This one punctured deep into the dragon, knocking it back and allowing a celebratory cheer from the tower.

The celebration was short-lived.

“Frogs. Crawling up your tower!” Tiran and Tiarra peered over to see an approaching couple, one a very short man, the other a slender woman brandishing a whip. They were gesturing toward two frog-creatures crawling up the tower’s side. The woman’s whip appeared to change form, into a snake, and strike out at the frog, knocking it to the ground.

Thwak. Another bolt from the ballista finds it’s mark in the dragon’s chest and the wounded monster thinks better of attacking the tower. It leaves for a less protected area.

Tiran strikes the second frog-creature, sending it to the dust below.

Three sharp whistle blasts catch the crew’s attention. The whistler, Ron Fergason, is in trouble battling a huge creature. Tierra squints at it, “a drowning devil,” she breaths. “I’ve only ever seen those in books.” She glances around for help. A white-clad knight on horseback catches her attention.

“We need to help Ron!” But Gam and Garian already had the ballista half-way around toward the Devil.

“Come on!” She rushed downstairs, Tiran in tow.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tiran and Tiarra pause to heal Harin and introduce each other.

“This way!”

Twack. A bolt hits the devil.

The small group winds it’s way to where Tierra spotted the knight. Tiran, the halfling, and the sorceress make short work of the 7-foot hag engaged with the paladin and his companion.

In the distance, the crack of the ballista marks another injury to the devil.

“We need to go,” Tierra pants, “there is a Devil back there, a drowned devil, and he’ll kill a lot of people if we don’t stop it.”

“Devil you say?” The paladin considers. “That’s a job for Sig Asender!” He rears his horse and glints brilliantly in the sun with a little help from a sorceress sidekick.

Sig and the little band of heros follows a slightly smitten Tierra to the action. Several guards are down, and Tierra uses several scroll spells to heal them from drowning in the middle of the dry street. Several of her friends cower from a magically-induced fear.

Sig charges forward with his sword. Sorceresses shoot balls of fire and phantasmal snakes at it. The Devil falls, body dissolving into water.

Meanwhile, the dragon takes the opportunity of the Devil’s battle to attack the ballista. It is destroyed in a cone of acid. The dragon flies overhead and Lightson fires a stone, Gamalian an arrow, and Tierra a celestial eagle. The combined hits force the dragon to the dirt for a final time.

Sorties in Badorties 2b, electric boogaloo
writeup by Prince John

The adventure continues……

memories of those who survived:
“We have seen the tide come in and out from Badorties, but never have we seen the Tide take over the city……”

“It filled the sky. It was a dragon……”

Badorties Lament
“Where were you when the waters parted?
Where were you as families divided?
Up on the wall, shooting at scales?
Out on the ground, hitting without fail?
Where were you – trying to flee?
Where were you – in front of the trees?
I died by sword, spear or tooth.
I died without knowing the truth.”

Smoke rises over the city, as the adventurers reel from the recent battle. Tiran Lightson is standing over the body of an amphibious Shaman, wipping the blood off his dagger. He was about to make a quip to his familair, Rourk, and caught himself. Rourk was near death, but stabilized, kept in the new house hiding hole. Holding his glowing staff, the wizard picks rings off it’s body, with one that appears to be magical. Garion and Tierra stand nearby, breathless from the recent battle with other creatures of the deep.

The guards recover from their recent battle. Clad in platemail and the Lion’s Pride Emblem, they ingest some potions and introduce themselves. Ron carried a Ferguson bastard sword and shield, Darstin carries a hammer. Clearly, they are impressed with the battle gropu, as they offer a quiver to Gamalion.

Shortly thereafter, a new group of enemies appear. Two large hag like creatues appear, with one apparently carrying the body of a young child. The rear is brought up by another 6 fish creatures. These monsters rush the newly made friends.

Tierra takes a moment to pray, successfuly giving the adventurers blessings. Gamalion stricks one of the crone creatures with a black arrow, and Garion manages to connect with the other large hag. The child is tossed, and strikes down Tiran. The wizard becomes angry, as the child looks like his own younger brothers. Before we know it, a large spear flies from over the heads of the heroes, and strikes down the large hag monster, actually knocking it offs it feet.

In a rage, Tiran tosses two purple vials, and causes some significant damage with unearthly fire upon the gangly creatures. This hit both the standing and prone hags. Tierra also tosses one of the purple glass balls, striking one of the large creatures. Dorstin throws his hammer, hitting the upright hag, and the thrown weapon returns to the hands of it’s owner. Tiran casts burning hands, and destroys the hag on the ground. Ron strikes the standing hag, which final collapses in a pile of ashes. His companion, Darstin, hits one of the fish creatures behind to cause damage. Tiran rushes to the body of the child tosser, and strikes it out of anger. The remaining fish creatures run off the street into the water.

The street darkens, the light from the wizards staff winks out. At that point, the group starts to head to the periphery of the city. They run towards the tower, and treeline at the city’s edge. They see in the distance a group of 20 beings, including walking lizard-men. Ron and Darstin break off, taking on the battlegroup. They encourage the remainding heroes to carry on to the tower.

Garion breaks down the door, and enters the tower. The group of four rush to the top of the structure, and encourage a tall hag like creature, standing next to a ballista. Garion and Tierra enter first. Garion manages to hit the monster, and Tierra jumps into the Ballista. Garion strikes the creature again, with Gamalion delivering the killing blow with an arrow. The hag collapses, and folds over the side of the wall.

Tierra runs back down the tower, and Tiran closes the door behind her. The cleric rushes out to examine a soldier who appears to have been tossed out of the tower earlier.

From above, the warriors see Darkhand, the captain they had met earlier in the village. They then notice a crocodile creature, coming up the street with someone in it’s mouth. Gamalion fires a shot, and hit’s it with a bolt.

In the meantime, Tierra is almost caught by some kind of lobster creature. Tiran, the wizard, manages to let the healer back into the tower, and the two bar the door. The cleric stabs it with a spear through an opening. The spell caster rushed up to the top of the tower, and drops a purple glass ball onto the lobster creature. It departs, on fire.

Off in the distance, upon the top of Humla’s Shrine, the Light of day erupts among the darkened skies. It is almost bliding. A radiant figure is seen on the balcony, glowing like the sun. A voice, bolstered by magic, rings out “… Under seige, …. By evil. Every Head 100 gold”. All who hear the voice feel a calmness, and blessing, an ispirational feeling.

However, a swooping black creature is seen near the tower, with a silhouette like a Dragon. Shalkia is attacked by the ‘dragon’, and knocked off of the balcony. The heroes on the tower see the creature, flying towards them. Garion and Gamalion attempt to hit the creature with the ballistica, but it appears to cause no damage. And the creature of darkness continues it’s flight in the air…….


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