The Great Adventure

WTF is a pathfinder society?

I might still have sand in my vagina.

Retching over, we collect the bodies and detect magic.
Stones heroically drinks Juniper Liquor, which is surprising, because looking around the game table, we all are.
We divide the loot: 296GP
Stones takes the headband of wisdom + 2 INT, Bruiser’s shawl (hyena’s scream of fear (30ft cone DC16 once a day)), 2 tanglefoot bags, and a thunderstone
Gam grabs the Black egg, nightmare vapour, a poisoned dagger, dipping pouch of poisoning (2 doses, sand slippers,
Hanlon tak es a potion of cure moderate and a Cloak (+ 1 arrow deflection shield cloak), and a belt of giant strength.
Tierra Grabs the Girdle of mighty CON (+ 2)
the Bag of holding gets: Flind Bars (nunchuks d8) and 4 MW javelins
GAM/GAR/HAN each take a CLW + 2 potion

Hanlon puts on the belt of Giant strength and finds he need to mightily resist being changed into Hanlette. He is successful.

We remove the bodies to a suitable distance and throw some healing all around on ourselves.

At 10am we try to “decurse” Tierra’s belt. We are not successful and it constricts for 5 damage. The belt is removed until we can ensure it’s safe use.

We set out across the hot and sunny desert landscape with a Storm fast approaching from the NNW.

We decide to hunker down on the windward side (so as not to get buried) and cover ourselves with the sail and get ready to wait it out.

It’s fierce and nasty and when it hits, there is much damage to GAR,GAM and HAN. The first 30 minutes are overwhelming and then it keeps going.
Gam trances out and successfully becomes “one with the storm” and begins learning.
More damage and knocked heads are handed out as GAM continues to commune with the storm. He makes a breakthrough and gives us respite in a cocoon of sanctuary. The storm continues to rage around us.
Gam continues to learn and tries to manipulate the sand and builds a “wall” which continues to protect us from the storm.
Tierra uses the respite to heal (restoration) herself from poison damage taken earlier.
Gam has another breakthrough and epically manages to create a “sand skin” layer on himself which he describes as “somewhat mobility restricting” We contemplate whether this layer would provide dome DR vs heat, but cannot test it at the moment.
The storm abates and Gam uses his new powers to de-sand the party and the sail. We trudge through the sand for a KM until we find the road, then its 3 easy (relatively) km to the city. We first see shacks, then a wall with green behind it.
We style ourselves as silk merchants using the silk we got from the giants. Gam plays with the sand, making little whirlwinds and piles.
as we enter the city we are accosted by a begging girl. Gam pushpockets 3 silver pieces and in the process does not notice that the girl pickpockets something.
Roll Init!
Tiran fails casting a spell
Hanlon, tackles, earcfhes the girl and find Gam’s deck of cards
Gar intimidates
the Girl spins a yarn that we can clearly see through
Gam charms her and solicits information
The girl – KEETTA is all in and tells us about the toll to get into the city HIGH BANDAHAR and about the dress code. She has a cardboard box home in the SW near the (non flowing, non artesian) well.
We approach the gate and meet the guards who wear tan cloaks and silver face masks with chainmail.
We go up the 15 stairs
Gam and Tierra are “nobles” GAR and HAN are guards, Stones carries the chamber pot.
‘Keetta, you wait by that well"
We read the ominous (challenging?) sign over the entrance (in many languages):
“Drawing a weapon in High Bandahar will result in amputation of varying and appropriate severity up to and including the head”
We cough up the 25GP per person for entrance, out by sunrise unless in an INN
We go in after being marked on the arm
Hanging Gardens of Babylon type of decadence. We see 4 marble statues:
Scorpion Left
Coiled snake Right
Hawk front
Tree, palm behind
huge water area more than 100ft across
2 story statue of DAVE with his 8 bob wang
water drains to 4 non cardinal directions with 4 stone bridges over the flow.
To the left, tightly packed Tiny Houses™ rich people with peons and grape peelers. we see no merchants. Stones asks the guards which way to go for lodging. We go left where the predominant colour is red. to the right, yellow.
Black NW
White NE
Yellow SE
Red SW
We see lots of slaves and servants of different races. We see a couple of foreigners out smoking, but don’t know them.
we see a 1/2 elf woman with a slave. she is sporting the following:
Gam introduces himself well
1/2 elf woman asks what she can do for us, we solicit a room with a bath. after much witty banter, she tells us to go 2 doors down and “tell them VIESH sent you”.
We take her advice and drop 224 for the week (here’s 225, get yourself something nice) and have our arms remarked. We can come and go as we please.
We head back to chat with VIESH after getting wicked 3x clean.
We discuss the market:
ODD days 8-10am
EVEN days 5-7pm
lots of leisure time except for market time
days 4 nothing open “chaingesgtar”
today is day 7

we discuss the symbol
PATHFINDER SOCIETY’ Dedicated to the collection of knowledge and make chronicles of knowledge
GAM asks about possibility of getting into the Society

OATH – long and hard to write
Seek out, collect, report

We have seen 2 dozen emblems in High Bandahar, but none on VIESH and crew.
VIESH says they have libraries and resources when you travel. We can keep artifacts, just have to write about them. Quests are available. No Pay

To join: 100GP, vows under spell, 1yr probation,
Will talk more later….

More market discussion:
Each quad different commerce/items
Head Thacker Black – Wallet she lack – magic items, augmentation
NE Hoise Thacker – White – weapons, armor, gear, animals
SE SERUMPTER Yellow – vices-liqour, pesh, slaves, poisons
SW KEFLEN – red – art, luxury, gems, jewels, knowledge, religion

need purchaser’s card, but most people just bluff with a piece of paper.
Real card for each sector, light blue robes, meek, background checks.

Commerce is aggressively chaotic, no wine smashing, show no weakenss.

VIESH is from Four Waters. knows Ulia, Badorities but was gone prior to our shenanigans.
Pathfinders – in other planes, submissions become contribution to the chronicles.



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