The Great Adventure

Write-up from last time...

Hi everyone.

Well, it appears that my disorganization has gotten the better of me, and after an hour of searching I can only find pages 2 and 3 of my notes which were, I believe 5 pages long. I apologize, and will attempt to reconstruct what happened from my sketchy memory… I may need some help filling in gaps early and late in the story.

- – - – -

“Tierra! Are you alright?!”

Stars faded back into the evening light, revealing a concerned-appearing Gam. “Where is everyone? …and what happened, exactly?”

“You don’t look so good. Do you know where we are?”

“In the South. Some city with rules about 3rd sons. Can’t think of the name…”

“Do you remember being hit on the head? Couple big fellows jumped you back there? Garian, Tiran and the others are chasing them now.”

Tierra frowned and shook her head.

“How many fingers?”

“Three. Look I’m ok.” She stumbled toward her feet for a second before returning to the ground. “The earth is pretty comfortable here. Maybe I’ll just take a nap.”

“No. Sorry girl. I don’t know much about healing but I know you aren’t supposed to sleep after taking a hit to the head like that. Here, tell me a story while we wait for the others.”

“About what, Gam?”

“Maybe about our trip. What do you remember about the fight with Big H?”

Tierra smiled against the pain. Gam always liked to re-hear (and re-tell) stories about his brother beating the odds. Fighting the machine. Fighting Big-H. How did that happen, anyway? She was so tired.

“Hmm… well it started when we found that group of barbarians in the woods. Gave them a good kicking, as I recall. But then we healed them and made a bit of an alliance with them.

We pretended to be worried about Big-H and his gang to let them save face. It sort of worked because they wanted it to… but everyone knew it was worth less than wild cow shit.

Actually, I think it would have been all good, and then the others came.

Big-H was worried. He said ‘I need this like a hole in the head’. Now seeing as I currently have what feels like a hole in my head, his words have more meaning.”
The leader approached big H and said, ‘Heard you lost a fight. Fell on back.’ Can’t remember the leader’s name right now…”

Gam nodded, “Crogan.”

“Right! Crogan.

Anyway, Big H looked embarrassed. But he told us and his followers to back off. Wanted to fight this Crogan. Big H was still talking to us and that other guy drew his sword and cut off Big H’s head. Right there. Standing.

It started a big argument with people from different groups posturing and I had no idea who was friend and who was… well, going to take our heads.

That’s when I asked Sophia for some extra help… the kind that helps those who are friendly to us and hinders those who aren’t.

I think there would have been a big fight, except for the Shaman. He used his magic to call for silence.

The big leader Crogan said, ‘Big H was a coward. He brought shame on the locardy.’

A big barbarian man called out ‘it was a cowardly blow!’

The Shaman said, ‘Pola talk. Speaks truth. I understand you were beaten by an outsider. You want to lead. You need fight him!’

They meant Garian.

Crogan said, ‘I win I leader.’

The Shaman agreed and said, but if he wins we let he and his people go free.

Everyone backed up.

They began and Garian struck like lighting. Hit Crogan twice in a heartbeat—and hard too.”

She could see Gam’s pride rise as she spoke.

“Crogan attacked, charging, but he hit Garian’s wall and I think that hurt him as much as he hurt Gar.

But Gar didn’t back off—Crogan was shaken by his own blow and Garian took his opportunity. He just swung his sword twice and Crogan fell.

The crowd was stunned for a second. I think they thought Garian didn’t stand a chance. I think they thought it would go on for a while. But 4 blows and their champion was released from this world. They raised their fists in some sort of sign of honour.

But Garian didn’t stop there. He took off Crogan’s head and yelled, ‘let this be a lesson to all cowards who try to cheat their way to leadership.’

Tiran had a bit of a chat with the Shaman and learned about some caves in the cliff. We all said our goodbyes and headed out to find them.

We set up camp while Hanlon and Tieran climbed the cliff to find bat guano.

That’s where I get a bit fuzzy, Gam.”

Tierra scrunched her forehead a little. “I remember that we fought the Giants. They threw stones so very far, almost hitting us. We ended up rushing toward them and they came down the cliff to fight us. I know I cast some spells calling an elemental and a holy archon. I have this memory of a Giant sliding down the cliff face and Hanlon fighting with him on the cliff. I know we beat them… but the details are swimming in my head like a colossal whirlpool.

Actually, the overwhelming memory I have is that after defeating them, I was so frustrated that I hit a helpless, dying giant with my weapon. Sophia was disappointed with me. I can still feel her disappointment, Gam. Right deep into my bones. I still have to learn a lot about compassion. But I don’t remember what else happened that day. Nor since, actually."

Gam interjected. “The others are coming back. You’ll remember this again. Right now, we should find out what happened with those thugs and get you some headache medicine. I’ll hear your story later.” He gave her a wink, and his brother a broad smile. “So, did you take care of those thugs who hurt my Lady?”



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