The Great Adventure

The one where Tierra Persuaders the Daemonettes

We rejoin our party in the Nicely Nicely, where they’ve just earned themselves a legendary token for the wildest dragon-rhino show this side of the material plane.

As our group revels in their victory, Garion, Lightson, and Tierra notice some sour stares being directed at the group from the Marilith and her devil croney at the bar. Gamalian orders a round of unicorn tears to celebrate his hand being released from its crystal peace bond.

The group is distracted shortly when the bar’s namesake, Nayoss Layo Nollios floats down to the table. It congratulates the party and informs Tierra that our new Rhino friend would like to be bonded to her on a more permanent basis, and gives her a figurine of wondrous power that will allow her to summon the great beast for a certain amount of time each day. She graciously accepts the gifts and dubs the great blue beast Persuader.

Nayoss departs to make his rounds at other tables in the establishment. The group is excitedly discussing the potential of their new party member when a crackling whip breaks their revelry. A voice screeches out from behind the group, “You’re not the only one who can make unprovoked attacks!!” the awful voice of one of the Matt Daemonettes is all too familiar to the party.

Tierra and Gam get chained up, wracked with lightning induced pain. Gar lashes out in anger but Ferguson gets caught in a chain on his backswing and he loses it. He takes an awful, powerful blow from one of the Daemonettes. Gamalian drops, clutching at the chain wrapped around his neck. Gar continues to be pummeled. Tierra gets dragged to a table behind her as Lightson tosses one of his stones at a Daemonette and takes a swig of a recently abandoned beverage on the table.

Gamalian breaks free of his bondage, but is almost immediately struck down by one of the Daemonettes.

Hanlon, who has been fighting hard with a Daemonettes, drops one with a serenely deadly shot with his damdra.
It’s about this time that Persuader enters the fray and destroys a Daemonette like only a giant blue dragon rhino can, in the name of Tierra’s protection.

Roark, who’d been biding his time up to this point swoops in and, like a stork carrying new life, swoops in to the recently fallen Gamalian and delivers Lauraphim’s healing magic, reviving the fallen elf.

Hanlon and persuader continue to wreck Daemons, and drop another two of the inappropriately dressed belligerents. A nasty claw catches Garion in the midsection, and he drops to the bar floor, unconscious.

Gamalian uses the new life that Roark delivered to summon mijime into his hand. Gamalian wastes no time turning and driving the blade hilt-deep into a nearby Daemonette.

Hanlon uses the distraction to deliver a flurry to the Daemonette delivering major damage to the demon. Roark flutters around one of the demons, while Persuader lays into another. Tierra, swinging her akkadakadan hammer, smashes the final Daemonette, leaving the group victorious yet again.

Hanlon uses his newest victory to puff up his chest and stare daggers at Marilith, Marilith doesn’t seem impressed, but his held back with a timely intervention by Loraphim.

Gamalian decides to take a walk past Marilith and her entourage, but gets noticed and makes conversation with some nearby Frog-people. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery, Marilith walks by the party’s table, and moves to offer condolences to the Daemonettes, making special effort to exude the awful, sickening aura to our table of heroes.

After some deliberation and a few rounds of drinks, the group decides to leave the Nicely Nicely – with an escort from Loraphim— one cannot be too careful.

We leave our party on the platform, legendary token in hand, ready to press the call button for the barge ride.



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