The Great Adventure

The one after the one off.

hey misser, dat smoge makin me seeepy.

Battle ensues, with ice, improved bull rush and many trips and attacks of opportunity.
4 pole armed thugs appear and hold Tierra at pole arm point.
Garth (Guard#4) assumes the position and Pasha Man Roy, leader of the Second Sons, delivers a speech from Garth’s back. There is a gold medallion slightly visible.
There is archery cover, and we do a bluff check and it appears he’s not lying.
Gam rolls a 44 and gives himself a reach around
Tiran tries to rouse the rabble.
Pasha shackles Gar, Tierra and Han, although Tierra has freedom of movement.

Tierra, “When you are done humping your friend, we’ll fight your insect.”

We lose the caps and hat of disguise.

Hanlon charges up his fist, but it is discovered and he releases it.

Gar attempts to stand up and fails

We are marched around to the slave entrance. Gam and Tiran go in through the main entrance and drop 10GP for good seats

Tierra calls up Big Blue.
Hanlon invokes the stone of Timora and tries an escape check. He finds a Magical Master Key (with “Magical Master Key” written in Gnomish), and with a back high-step, unlocks both manacles and falls out from under net.

2 Baddies collide, one seriously damages his knee, but both go down.
Garion gets knifed, but his armour stops the sneak attack… then he uses the Maw of the Wyrm and hits the bad knee for 16.

Meanwhile, Roark spots Gam in the eats and flies over.

Han and Gar each take 9 damage, and much battle ensues. Big Blue arrives but misses.

?? Gam and Tiran DD into the adjacent cell and help out by firing arrows into the bars.

Tierra trips one of the baddies
Gam does 21 sneak dam for the Coupe de Grasse Tyson. Victory is ours!

We close the big door.

Hanlon grabs the key and the caps just as a small windows opens up and 3 smoke bomby things fall in. Before we can hold our breaths, we fall asleep. Victory is not ours!



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