The Great Adventure

The Final Frontier...

The love of Nova, Fiends, Flying through the Void.

We rejoin the party having just left Kassanoody’s Kottage. Man but if that wasn’t the most relaxing 18 hours the party had spent together… Probably since we visited Left Eyeless Louis so many… weeks ago? It felt like a lifetime had passed. The party emerged to the same dull light that had been shining when they first arrived in the strange pyramid. Having had enough of this strange extra-planar place, the group starts heading out straight for the grey door, with the intention of getting back to the slightly more predictable chaos of being wanted fugitives on the run.
As the group gets under way, Nova arrives, flooding Tierra with images of “positive, positive. Mild attraction” ahh, it would seem that old dog Roark had caught her eye. The group is almost home free at the exit door when Roark tells them that there is a strange pyramid in the centre of this larger pyramid. Deciding that they’d better check It out, Garion reasoning that an opportunity to prevent the capture of future adventurers was one they couldn’t pass up.
On the way to the central pyramid the party is accosted by dark fiends.
Lightson, excited to finally put his guano to use, flings a fireball into the fray, seemingly forgetting the blast radius on the thing. He catches two of the fiends, but also Gam and Hanlon. Live and learn. Hanlon exchanges a few blows with one of the fiends, and Gar strikes home with Ferguson. The group is surprised when Gamalian holds out his hand and speaks a strange name: “Mijimé”, summoning the jewelled dagger to his hand.
Gar takes one down, the fiend exploding in an icy blast. Gam shoots the next fiend, slaying it, but not after copping a secret feel of our brave Priestess. The battle complete, the group loots some swords and some mystery balls.
Tierra takes the time to confront Gam about the Mijimé. The group is divided on who should carry the dagger, Garion sides with his brother, his faith renewed that Gamalian can be responsible enough to not do anything dangerous.
The group makes it to the central pyramid, finding a small pyramid, with small hemispherical depressions on each face. In the bushes nearby, the party finds small hemispherical stones, about exactly the size of the depressions in the pyramid faces. Garion decides to take the plunge first, and places one of the stones into a depression. He vanishes. Next Tierra, Gamalian, and Lightson repeat the procedure. Hanlon is beset by more fiends before he can join the rest of the group. After serenely wiping the floor with the fiends, he manages to get hand to stone and vanishes himself…
Garion dropped into a strange dark realm. Apparently on a roughly circular platform of rock, floating in an infinite void. In the distance Garion could see other floating rocks. In an effort to stand tall and see as much of the surrounding area as he could, Garion found he could float. Soon the rest of the party came through, and Garion excitedly relayed their new abilities in this strange place.
The only feature of note on the platform was a small sign, written in a strange text which was strangely legible to the party. The sign read: “This stop decommissioned, please use another.” Well that’s a strange set of words…
The group decides they should do some experimenting over the edge of the platform, in preparation for travel to one of the nearby visible platforms floating in the void. It turns out the group can fly out over the edge of the platform as well. They all tie themselves together, and Garion takes off, a little faster than he should have, jerking Hanlon and Gamalian at the end of the rope. Eventually the team gets the hang of it, and makes it to the next platform. After circling around it, they find a similar sign to the one that was posted on the first platform. This one however has a large circular button on it. The group touches the circular object, it lights up and a sound is heard: “Call Accepted”. The button could not be toggled off after pressing it, so the group decides it is time to rest and wait.
After several hours pass, and the group gets some much needed rest, an object can be seen approaching in the distance. It seems to be a boat, or a barge of some kind, with rows of large oars extending out the sides. The boat was approaching impossibly fast, until something was dropped out of the back of it, an anchor?
The anchor catches in the aether, as if it were solid ground, and sparks fly out from it as the boat is decelerated and brought to a halt next to the party’s platform.
A strange man, overly happy and speaking like some sort of Carnival master (with a C, not a K) announces to the party: “1000 g’s, sail the seas! Low on Wealth? Pay in Health! Feeling Poor? Pull some Oar!” Further inquiries by the party are met with a repeat of the same message. Hanlon, Tierra, and Lightson decide to pull Oar, as well as Garion, who changes his mind when he sees Gamalian choose to pay health. Garion changes his mind and pays in health as well, both of them take a nasty hit as they step aboard, feeling quite drained, though happy they didn’t have to pull oar in their drained status…



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