The Great Adventure

Ravens and Rock holes

Back in the material plane, and we still seem to be spending all of our time underground. After dealing with the decidedly unfriendly Leukodaemon ,the group spends some time recuperating, crafting, and trying to figure out what exactly the undead gnomes were up to in their mysterious laboratory.

The following day, a raven returns, this one is decidedly less intelligent than our friend Roark, and he has no luck communicating with the beast to determine where it might be taking messages and to whom. The party decides that the best course of action is to send another missive with the bird, apologizing for the destruction of the previous message and requesting an update. The group also decides that sending Roark along to follow would be an advantageous use of the resources on hand. Roark enthusiastically agrees to this task, as he is wont to do. Tierra makes sure he’ll be comfortable by preparing him with an endure elements spell so that the desert sun doesn’t wilt his fine feathers any more than necessary. Roark returns a few hours later and reports that the bird was headed North East and followed him to a vendor’s stall in the city.

While waiting LIghtson and Garion engage in some chess using the mysterious magical board that they’d found. Lightson cheats, surely, and Garion ends up stunned. Apparently losing the game stings a little. The party also confers and decides that slaying the nearby Dragon, Jalnura would be the best course of action for us, cleansing the mountain, and hopefully resulting in piles of sweet, sweet loot to be reintroduced into the local economy. The messenger crow returns the following day with a reply, something wonderfully long winded about how sales are excellent, and that the people are properly ‘ravenous’ for the products. This prompts some experimentation with the amulets and we discover that the magic in the small runestones is shielded when encased in the golden amulets with the rubies.
Crafting complete, set to new purpose and with more questions abou the amulet. The party sets out to find the lair of the dragon. After winding through trapped tunnels, Gamalian finds what seems to be a hidden door through the side of the tunnel. The party licks their lips, as this must be the lair of the dragon…



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