The Great Adventure

Nicely Nicely part 2

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We start our episode at the Nicely Nicely Pub with a scant 9FU left. That will buy us 9 rounds.

We are approached by the arms, “Brothers in Arms”. The leader, green, wearing studded leather bracers and sporting tattoos of one hand giving the peace sign and another flipping the bird introduces himself as Hand Solo. He also introduces his friends Cool Hand Luke (CHL), blue, dextrous fingers, not as hairy, wearing a silver ring and carrying 4 cups – 2 wood, 2 metal – 1big, 1 small of each, and Knuckle Sandwich, silver, burly, hairy, tattoos of teeth (20) and noses(15) has full beard with Dwarvish arms. A Demon chick (Ancillian) from the adjacent table also comes over to hear what Hand Solo has to say.

Hand tells us to be quiet for a couple of minutes. Noobs get a chance to test perception vs CHL in a classic game of follow the ball. The ball starts under the small metal cup, we have to follow it and say where it ends up. Our perception rolls are hidden but we each have an opportunity to say where we think the ball ends up. Gam and Hanlon both say “big wood” to the delight of the crowd.

Turns out the Matt Daemons had bet the Brothers in Arms to get us to say “big wood”. We win 16 FUs.

We are now up to 25 FUs and feeling pretty flush. We buy the Brothers in Arms a round along with our own round of Shire’s Extra Finest Ale.

It appears that the source of all this FU wealth is the bar itself. It creates FUs when epicness happens.

We receive a challenge from Yuki and the Joshi Gakusei (josie and the pussy cats?) to buy a round (and deliver it) to the Chimera and sheep up on the second floor. We don’t even think of turning down the challenge. Gam, Han and Tierra head up to have a chat and on the way are (attempted) tripped up by Yuki. Gam neatly dodges the attempt. We head upstairs, and our opening salvo of conversation is greeted by a blast of Acid from the Chimera’s Dragon head which hits Tierra. The sheep and goat’s head continue to quietly smoke. Gam, who has flipped out of the way remains in place whilst Tierra and Hanlon go down to the bar to get drinks. We decide on: Shooters! Gold Schlager for the dragon’s head, Bloody Mary for the lion, and Wheat grass with Tequila for the goat and sheep. This meets with much greater success and the dragon winks at us with a flash of his eyes.

While this is going on, Gar and Tiran are propositioned by an angel like creature to take out the demon like creatures sitting at the bar. Something we will have to deal with later because:

Gam takes the hero’s way down by stepping off the balcony and plummeting right onto the Joshi Gakusei’s table, upsetting it and pinning one of the girls. He then calmly walks back to our table. Tierra is unable to not help and does a heal check on the girl and stems the bleeding. Hanlon grabs a miraculously unspilled drink and makes the injured girl drink it while massaging her throat. The giant wades in and rights the upset table as the girl recovers. Tiran with his lightweight bladders heads off to what appears to be the bathroom to take a piss. He returns feeling refreshed like he’s had an 8 hour nap. He says we can go in once a day. He casually casts grease on one of the girls on his way past. Tierra and Hanlon return to the table, but not before Hanlon puts the boots to the recovering girl – possibly a mistake.

We buy another round, 31 FUs remaining. The Japanese girls head off to the washroom and in an attempt to secure a more central location in the bar, we steal their table.

The girls return with a friend… a blue dragonspawn rhinosaurus rex. With a cry of “Fighting!” which sounds like “Whiting!” with the accent, Yuki releases her hold on Blue’s leash and the Rhino lunges for Hanlon, dealing 40 points of damage. And here is where it gets good… Tiran opens a dimensional door right in front of Blue who has no choice but to run through it and ends up on the second floor heading directly for the chimera, whom he hits. Hanlon runs upstairs and takes a chunk out of Blue with his Damdrah before Blue heads over the balcony to land on Tiran making him somewhat less than fully alive.

The Chimera goes over the edge after Blue dealing a fair amount of damage. Roark, never one to be left out, hits the room with a horrifying sonic cackle. Hanlon goes over the top rope with a mighty swipe dealing even more damage. Gar cuts air. Gam uses an epic point to roll out from under the table to prevent being crushed and is able to mount Blue directly behind on her neck. Although the Chimera deals the next hit which does in the beast, Gam stabs Blue in the skull with Mimije and successfully bluffs the killing blow. The Crowd is going bananas. We revive Tiran.

We take another round and send one up to the chimera and sheep for their help.

Tierra checks on Nova who was in a backpack. Nova is fine.

As Blue is coming around, Ferguson is used to take the 4 inch tip (just the tip) of its blue horn.

Tiran fails he third DC check – he is getting right hammered.

The barmaid brings us 20FUs. We now sit at 49 FU and have made some friends, maybe, and some enemies, for sure.

Somewhere in there, we learned that we need at least 100FU to even apply for Legendary status – almost halfway there.



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