The Great Adventure

May 30 Adventure Log

writeup by Lord Fowlie

“Gale, oh Gale, so glorious! So… so… wait, where did she go?” Hanlon and I were working out the finer details of our conquest of the dragon, whose head we had brought upstairs to prove our mettle, when the sounds of the crowds outside snapped us out of our reverie and we noticed Gale was gone.

More people were arriving by the minute, everyone seeking more of Sophia’s healing energies through Tierra’s blessing. Tierra as it were had collapsed from exhaustion due to her incredible exploits the night before. We’d heard the announcement from Shelkiah that healing centres were being set up in the agricultural (check) district, so I decided to step outside and politely suggest that the throngs outside make their way over to said healing centres, as this particular outlet was currently closed. During negotiations, there was a terrible explosion that rung out from the other side of town; this served to motivate the mass of people to getting inside even faster. The crowds weren’t having any of my diplomacy, so I fell back on my tried and tested Cudgel diplomacy, with the help of my new and dear friend Mr. Ferguson. The crowds weren’t interested in Mr. Ferguson’s arguments, and I caved and let a child inside with the intention of slipping him a healing potion once the commotion had subsided. I was reminding the crowd that this gathering would only draw unwanted Pride attention, when who would appear, but a squad of our friendly neighbourhood priders.

The guards, having very little patience, kicked the door in. Lightson took the lead and assumed his Stewardly ways, trying to reason with our guests. Apparently, someone had been running around healing people in the name of a false (read: not Hummla) god, and this absolutely could not go unpunished. They also accused us of deicide, which at least on that account I felt fairly confident in our innocence, as most likely none of the zombies the night before had been gods. I even made an attempt at calling on my Machine beating fame as Hodor, but they were also not interested in the least in these attempts. Tierra was awoken by the commotion in the living room and came out to see what was going on. Tierra explained to the guards that she had indeed been healing people, but no false gods were involved, praise Hummla and the like. No, we were under arrest, they insisted.

Then things got interesting.

With a slight whistle, and a satisfying ‘thwack’, one of the guards waiting outside cried out as mysterious assailant attacked from a rooftop behind them. The guards started to head outside, prepared to deal with the ambush that had befallen them. Hanlon, the mysteriously gifted mason/monk used this opportunity to show off just how serene he could really be. He struck out fast and hard, and just like that the fight was on.

It was hard to tell what exactly was happening in the confined quarters of the house, but I do know that Tierra was cracking skulls with her staff, and at some point Lightson dropped one of his burning jars of oil, which made for quite the fun time out in front of the house.

The guards tried calling out for reinforcements, and Hanlon gave chase to one of the guards who took off for this purpose. After some more combat, and a few more well placed arrows from the helpful mystery archer, the leader of the Priders decided he’d better book it as well. We gave chase, which wasn’t especially fun, Hellforged chain doesn’t exactly breathe well. We’d been chasing for what seemed like an eternity when Gamalian all of the sudden joined in, I also noticed that the strange raven fluttering in the guard’s face was Roarc. Gamalian was finally able to trip him up, and Tierra ceremoniously ended his career with the Pride with a crack of her staff. Hanlon returned shortly after, looking pretty roughed up, “you should have seen the other guy” his serenity seemed to shout.

Before we could even catch our breath, we were thinking about what to do with this new corpse we had just created. Hanlon had a friend nearby, but she wasn’t having any of us dumping the corpse at her place. We took the body back towards our place, looted them, and decided to stash all the Priders in a newly vacated home a few doors down from our house.

Another fantastic morning in Badorities. We were delighted to find out that the explosion we heard earlier, was cause by none other than my fine brother Gamalian, the fool elf had apparently been accosted by some ne’er do wells and extorted into planting the device with Shelkiah and other high ranking official types. I guess that explains the deicide. Time for us to bravely run away.



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