The Great Adventure

Kasanoody's Karnival

Is there anything more wonderful than a carnival? With all the strange accents and strange smells, the interesting people and the even more interesting spectacle. It is only at a carnival where, for a few pieces of silver, you can be transported to a far off land where things you have only imagined, or read about in books, are brought to life right before your eyes. And to stumble across a carnival in the middle of the forest, where you are the only guests, is a true marvel, for you do not have to fight with others for the attention of the Carnys, and you get to see a little bit of the action behind the scenes.

Hanlon and Gam rejoin the group from the bushes to hear Tiran asking about fire ice wine. Kasanoody seems ammenable and we retire to a tarp covered area from where we can see some fighters (2 half orcs, 2 rogures, 2 clerics (a master and an apprentice) and a couple of wizards. Basic introductions are made and the ever chatty Kasanoody is happy to hint at the possibility of later seeing a play to be performed by his troupe of players all of whom have some bardic training and can play musical intruments. A cursory examination of these instruments reveals that they are well made… this appers to be a well off crew.
We meet Kasanoody’s wife Inthin, an elven monk when she brings in some refreshments. We sit and listen to Kasanoody expouse the magnificence of his Carnival (“with a K”, we are informed) after we let slip that we have not heard of them on our travels. Kasanoody is attempting to become the BEST MOBILE INFORMATION DEPOT IN THE WORLD, and to do this, he travels far and wide, buying, selling, entertaining. He foreshadows that it is not a cheap thing to do, with many expenses and lots of training. He has only the best in his troupe and any douchecopters are soon let go. Smiles are free, succor is free on the first day, hospitality is free, but everything else costs, and if you do not wish to pay, you nardburglars are welcome to go get it yourself.

We have a short discussion regarding rain gear, something with a little oil in it, and drop 40GP each on rain poncho’s and boots. We are finally dry, but still a little chilled, and Kanoody graciously lends us some fur linings to go inside our new duds for the evening.
The food arrives, and as the crew sets up a stage and seating area, we tuck into some roast beast, wild boar, and other very fine foods, expertly prepared with foreign spices, along with some fine wines.

We watch the play, called “Borsan’s Gift”, about a young man who wanted fighting glory. He was never satisfied and alienated all his family and friends. There appears a white dragon and with it, the opportunity for epic glory. When the battle comes, Borsan stays his sword to allow a youth to throw his grandfather’s dragon killing spear. The dragon hits Borsan with it’s breath, killing him. When the townspeople find his body, they find a visage of contentment.

The play was still a little rough, but one thing we took from it was they used a real dragon’s head although probably not a real white dragon.

Kasanoody wants to hear more of Badorities and we trade him story for story. Tierra tells of the fish people and the ensuing battle, the change of leadership at the top, Shalkia killed, and how the town is now under martial law with the dead rising and the gates closed. Kanoody sums it up perfectly with: “Shit in your easter basket”

B’Haktaran – really the center of southern culture – very mystical and unrefined. They draw from southern cultures making it a very interesting place. Best area for magic in the south.

Bankhar – smaller, less chaotic and very peaceful. The southern people are full of passion, and it feels like you are on the verge of death a lot of the time. You must show respect for their culture and they will happily trade with you. You must not appear weak, have bravado and swagger, talk fiercely and confidently. Do not be polite and gentle or they will mop the floor with you. There are many merchants, and religions, particularly natural religions. There are Kings and Kingdoms, but people generally run their own lives in the strong merchant economy.

Ulia – not our favourite palce inthe world – they are not a fan of Tierra’s religion. K – most places are not fond of Sophiaists.

Gam asks Kasanoody if he’d consider going south due to the upheaval in Badorities, but he responds that south is not his path.

Other side of the Scar – “you gotta be tough as tits to get across” Kasanoody and crew recently met a Baylor – major demon – that pushed them to their limits. They also met some giants and dragons – small, peppered with blue (lightning) – act big when you meet a dragon, try to negotiate your way out of a conflict. “It is slightly less horribly dangerous to cross the Scar near Ash Shahawa.” As for other settlements on the other side… elves and gnomes, but no cities. There is a harbour on the Vast with a small settlement and the ability to build you a ship if they have 2 months notice. There are lots of old temples and small strongholds of about 30 people. Kasanoody offhandly remarks on the existance of huge insects and dinosaurs.

Tiran and Tierra wander off to talk to the wizards and are mistaken for alchemists… they are looking for help to make a “Forehead bomb” which they discover is called a Rythansias Bomb made from a noxious weed with caustic pollen that makes your eyes burn and your throat cough horribly.

It is at about this point that Gam notices that his bow is missing and although initially some of us suspect theft, we realise that he left it inside the cyclop’s cave. Kasanoody indicated that he has some items that might replace the lost bow, but when we ask to see them, he insists that we wait until tomorrow to view his stock.

Kasanoody lends us a tent for the night and we get down to some rest. The watch order is Gam and Hanlon, then Tierra, then Garion, then Tiran.

At 4am there is a commotion. Kasanoody’s watch notices some JUBAKABRA – 4 to 5 ft lizards -and raise the alarm. One of their guards (hestor with his sheep familiar) hits it with a magical arrow and it scuttles off. We can see a few more of the JK in the light from the arrow, but the guards don’t seem to be too worried about them although a guard remarks to Tierra that “these things are difficult”.

Night continues until day.

Tiran awakes with surprisingly no hangover but Inthin still gives him a small flask of the hair of the dog.

Kasanoody opens his magic store for us to browse saying “we have lots of potions, armour, shields, wands, staffs, scrolls, tomes, masterwork and magical. We can craft magical items, or imbue current items.”

Tiran detects magic on all our items…
Hanlon’s ring of stability – when wearer wants, when both feet are planted, you are almost unmoveable. A rushing bull will stop and take damage.
Gam’s longsword 4000GP, +1. shield 4000GP +1shield, +3 AC. 10K for the set.
Chain, +1 hits and wrapping capability 7000GP
purple bomb – alchemal
flute 5000GP mimic’s nature’s sounds

What follow’s is a list of some of the more interesting items with prices quoted by Kasanoody:
cost to enchant Ferguson sword, 6000GP toburst of fire on 19 or 20, better effect against cold creature.
Alchemist’s fire 125 per vial
Enhance damdrah – stagger on a good roll, align against creature, (2500) blood claw – damages -1 weilder, but +4 damage, hit for cold, hit to suck health 19-20 rolls 1/2 of damage recovered to weilder (8000gp)
Jingabo hat of comic relief (let’s ask jingabo) 7 charges left (3500)
rings of bound health, when two people wear these rings, you split the damage, 4000GP
ultra fine mithral shirt, 4 pounds +4 to AC (10K GB)
bracers +1 1500, +3 12K
feather, gail feather, powerful wind gust. (7000gp)
horn of stirring, (3000)
ring of climbing (3500)
cloak of elemental protection 1/2 the spell, but constant (3000gp)
bag of holding +1, 3500GP
potion of constition
crossbow hits like a heavy, but loads like a light +1 5000gp
anti toxin vial 75gp
tanglefoot bag 100gp
thunderstone 50gp
cure moderate wounds 500gp
chime of opening
scroll of fireball

It is now 10am and we have much to discuss and decide.
HANLON 16 (hours) after (arriving) : )



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