The Great Adventure

Blue dragon bang-a-gong

The secret door before us, Gamalian has figured out the mechanism, but we hesitate to open it, as their might just be a Mother-frakking dragon on the other side. Hanlon uses his serenely stoned powers to bore holes through the door at strategic intervals in an effort to catch a glimpse of the other side, and maybe get an idea of the layout of the caverns beyond. The spelunkian scouting reveals a long tunnel with light at the end of it. The party prepares themselves for action, Tierra spends nearly a minute receiving Sofia’s blessings, and sharing a bit with the party. Tierra is now about ten feet tall, and she might be angry. Tierra summons an Archon on the other side, and the group flings open the door and rushes in to face whatever might be hiding on the other side. Garion and Hanlon rush ahead of the group, with Tierra and Gam behind, Lightson invisible somewhere. A lound crackle and the smell of ozone announce that something bad has happened to the trailing party members. Some sort of brutal lightning strike, maybe we’d found the dragon after all. The beast reveals itself, apparently phasing through a wall. The party surrounds the beast and lays all manner of holy justice into the creature. After a right good pummeling the beast decides that perhaps surviving would be better than becoming an unsightly blue stain on its own cavern floor. The beast flees. Gamalian, not one to suffer this sort of maneuver, leaps onto the back of the dragon, holding on with mijime stabbed into the beast! The pair fly out of the cave, and we’re certain we’ve seen the last of both Gamalian and the dragon, when they suddenly return to the cavern mouth, Gamalian announcing that the dragon has decided that perhaps we could use some diplomacy (the words kind) to settle our differences, rather than the more painful brand we brought to the table initially.

Jalnura tells us about another Dragon, this one bigger, badder, and bluer. This dragon is the great Wench Hezikor, and she’s been terrorizing the countryside, and the unfortunate Jalnura. We make a deal with the dragon to stop being a dick, in exchange for a healthy portion of Hezikor’s loot as well as Jalnura’s life. Jalnura will also help us deal with Hezikor. The party has mixed feelings about helping the dragon, but perhaps destroying the greater evil would ultimately be the best option.
Jalnura shows the party her meager hoard (it had been ravaged by Hezikor). The party takes some choice items, an immovable rod, a pair of Jaunt boots, and a beautiful glowing Akadakada necklace. Tierra picks up the medallion and is suddenly overcome with celestial energy. She shakes her head and seems to awaken from some foggy, greedy slumber. The group proceeds to touch the chain one at a time, Gamalian being affected as Tierra. Lightson tries to avoid his turn, but Garion is having none of it and presses the mdalion into the wizard, causing his medallion to explode. After reflection it would appear that some of the party had been afflicted by the medallions, even when not worn, in the case of Tierra. The medallions caused an increase in selfishness and greed, resulting in some perhaps normally out of character responses to situations.

The group sets up camp in Jalnura’s cave, ready to plot our next move against Hezikor, while the threat of these mysterious amulets loose in Bankhar looms over the horizon…



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