The Great Adventure

Blood and Sand

DMJ May 23

We awaken in our cages, stripped of our gear. Looking around it’s unclear who’s in any other cages. Garion picks from an assortment of miscellaneous weaponry and grabs a heavy mace and a large heavy shield. The rest of the group secretly prepares themselves, presumably in other cages. Before long the announcer starts up, the crowd goes wild and he introduces the competitors.

In the first cage: Knuckles Muldoon
The second: The 7’2 Half-Orc Cabbage
In the third cage, the diminuative Stuart Alabjoo
The fourth: Nataree… Keeta ‘the morsel’ Faysom
Swinging over to cage number seven: From Four Waters, a battle Cleric of Sarenrae- Sunnny Matinga.
Cage number six: From the Kem Dat Monastery, Bee Bim BOP
Cage five: Hailing from Olfin Island, A great fighter of Torag, Michael Knight

As the final mystery fighter is introduced, the gears wind into place and Garion figures that the Battle cleric is probably Tierra, and Bee Bim the fiesty Hanlon. Garion is feeling the excitement of the coming battle, and decides to swap out his mace for a warhammer to give the crowd the fighter of Torag they were expecting.

Before the bout begins Tierra fires off a cheeky crossbow shot across the arena at Grabber’s cage, the arrow disappears into the cage and Tierra takes a punitive shock from the handlers behind the cage. Hanlon loads a heavy and light crossbow in his cage. Tierra preloads another crossbow bolt in anticipation of the dice drop. The cages open up, Tierra takes a shot as soon as Grabbers emerges and scores a hit. Hanlon acts next and shoots off across the arena like a shooting star being pulled by his pink… fist. Glowing pink fist. The fist explodes into the flat-footed Grabbers unleashing a hole pile of damagio. Grabbers acts, hits with one of his claws, very nearly catching the Halfling in the liver then misses with his other claw and tail.

Suddenly Roark flies in from the East, and drops a tangleburn bag on an elevated booth containing a wizard looking fellow. He doesn’t seem to enjoy it much, but isn’t restrained. A quick flash of light and Lightson and Gamalian teleport into the arena atop the two tall pillars of stone. Gamalian takes a shot with Little BIG Thunderchild, but misses with a shocker bolt. Garion leaps from his cage and charges across the arena, but dumbly stumbles into range of Grabbers’ tail and takes a nasty tail-load of Strength potion straight to the chest. Cabbage and Knuckles are up next, and they charge in after Garion. Cabbage takes a ready claw from Grabbers, and gets grabbed. Knuckles gets clawed and grabbed by Grabbers’ other free claw. Tierra emerges from her cage and begins casting a spell.

Hanlon continues his onslaught and critically smashes the beast as the opening volley of a brutal flurry of blows.

Lightson passes a sack to Gamalian and blows his horn of inspiring badassery, boosting his allies and hindering foes alike.
Tierra finishes her spell, summoning a lantern archon, it strikes Grabbers, and Tierra casts RIghteous might on herself causing her to grow to large size. She advances. Roark flies in before the burning wizard and lets loose with his helm of screamer. Howerver, the helm triggers the wild magic and instead of frightening the wizard, unleashes hurricane force winds at him and the first three rows of spectators behind him.

Grabbers drops the heroes in his claws and and moves up, over Hanlon. Just as he does a new chant starts up from the crowd as an imposing looking giant emerges from Grabbers’ cage. The announcer names him Kilroy . Grabbers claws Knuckles for some damage then claws Hanlon for another healthy pile of wounds and grabs him. Cabbage stands up, but is immediately attacked while vulnerable from both Grabbers and Kilroy. Cabbage turns to attack Kilroy, but fails to cause any damage. Knuckles stands, attacks. Misses. Garion takes a deep breath and prevents the poison from advancing. Garion then takes a mighty swing with his warhammer and finds a gap in Grabbers’ armour, striking critically for a nice pile of damage.
From his compromised position in Grabbers’ claw, Hanlon speedbags the scorpion, though he doesn’t need the flurry and ONE PUNCH MAN’s the monster, dropping him with a sound fist to the face (do scorpions have faces?).

Kilroy moves up, provoking an attack from Cabbage which scores, but Kilroy charges the enlargened Tierra. Tierra is prepared though and trips him as he charges in with her enlarged longspear. Tierra’s archon moves up, attacks but misses. Tierra stabs at the prone Ogre, but misses twice. Gamalian shoots Little Big Thunderchild at the Prone Ogre and scores big with a giant’s bane arrow, finding a nice gap in the Ogre’s banded mail. Gamalian hits again with another bolt, a shocker this time.
Garion acts and charges in to join the fray. Unfortunately for him Kilroy iis far more capable on his back and he trips Garion as he dashes in. Knuckles charges in next, but is similarly tripped as he approaches the prone Ogre. Cabbage’s turn, surely she can avoid the flailing ogre’s spear? No. She also gets tripped, but she goes down hard, and doesn’t seem to be moving any longer. Kilroy attacks Tierra, massively connecting critically hitting her. Some divine intervention prevents some of the bite from that huge swing but she still takes a pile of damage. Gamalian launches an egg from his spider dangling position, releasing a cloud of Nightmare Vapour over the Ogre and Garion. Garion fails his save and feels his wisdom draining. Hanlon crawls out from under Grabbers’ corpse and rushes in, stunning Kilroy — perfect timing. Garion stands up, unthreatened by the stunned Kilroy and hits him with his warhammer. The archon attacks, followed by Tierra, who kills the stunned Ogre once and for all.
As the dust settles, Tierra takes the time to cure Cabbage, she’s stabilized but still unconscious unfortunately. Tierra then builds a stone ramp up from the arena floor to the first level of the stands towards Pasha’s booth. The goons are beckoning us back to the cages, while the crowd goes fully bananas…




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