The Great Adventure

Ah Mushkiniso, I knew a girl there once...

Hanlon Logs

We give the area a detailed survey… lots of gravity starting at about 30ft above the ground and at the wall (8ft high x 3ft thick). Underneath is just rock, no tunnels. We debate and debate and finally go into the castle. There is a trap door above the entryway, but we skirt it.
We go left (socialists) There are stairs up and a barrack with 12 beds. we don’t find anything unusual.
Next corner, stairs with long hallway.
Next corner, stairs with entry to dining hall.
Dining Hall – 8 “people”, 8 place settings, quiet, no sound. no fires,
on the dais, is a commander type, full armour, cape.
there is a balcony 20ft up
ceiling is high, 25-30ft up
Roark checks out the balcony and sees two undead “taut skin, not moving”
The Duke has hand drawn map for reference.
We decide to not disturb the dining hall and go up stairway #3 clockwise.
We go up about 40ft.

next floor (The Duke has map)

We enter the first room through a door. no traps, opens away from us
there is a 4 poster bed. The room seems to belong to someone important. There is a big closet, dresser, mirror. The mirror works.
Closet – dresses and clothes. False bottom- light, 5 potion bottles, scroll tube, note book.
Dresser – clothes, male – jewels, diamond earrings 1000gp, sapphire necklace 1000gp, topaz necklace, 500gp.

Tierra – dresses in women’s clothes puts on jewelry, takes Hanlon’s hat of disguise.

Bed – plush, 1300 thread count cotton, downy freshness.

Lightstones – puts on rich robes and smells, licks pantaloons.

Scrolls- ARCANE – floating disc, greater magic weapon, arcane lock, knock, invisibility, hypnotic pattern

Window in hallway – no beings, just endless astral plane.

Next room has a sliding door…

the door opens all the way. The room is similar to downstairs, but much more opulent with beautiful tapestries, gold sconces, lots of bling.

4 tables, two skeletons each.
Dais, old white haired “lady” – Dark health?
“welcome trespassers and looters, annorexic compantions for a drink, help yourself. “to your health, or whatever” So where you from? We don’t get many visitors"
We don’t answer yet. Stones dips a finger into flagon and tastes – stings tongue, hurts a bit.

“so, here to sack the castle? storm the place for treasure?”

We ask where she is from.

“the underdark, the lady of spiders” (LOLTH)

“How long have you been here?” we ask.

“judging by my inebriety, at least three drinks”

Stones checks another flagon, same

Drow “it is not to your taste?”

“who do you tell about who visits?” – some guy
“how did you get here?” – found it by chance
“do you remember your childhood?” – ah childhood in the underdark, regulare drow stuff.

“I attack people who come to steal the treasures”
The doors lock, and it’s on.

Drow casts something, some power word.
Tierra rolls out of turn
Hanlon preps punch on the stones, rolls 19
Tierra fails
Garion 0 readies Smite, ferg into hand dramatically and charges, Tango and Cash style over the table but misses.
Roark, leery
Stones “return, spell”
skeletons, light on fire.
Stones is happy.

Tierra recovers from hold person
stones, not casting
Gar gets by drow, but provokes, no dice. misses with ferg.
Stones, horn of stirring
Skeletons, Gar takes 7, stones takes 14
Roark hits to 5 but takes 1 heat.
Hanlon waits

Hanlon punch in stones the drow for 49
Tierra casts channel energy for 63 damage
Stones uses stone, hits one for 18
Roark fucks off
Garion trips on table

Much fighting

Tierra surges, takes out 3 skel
Stones hits drow for 1 – Dead
Garion Dead -7

Tierra saves Gar and all for +13

Stones takes out penultimate skel, hanlon finishes off the last one.

Loot the bodies.

Scrolls – cure mod, cure serious, cause serious.
Rubies, 3000 gp worth
Castle goblet
empty potion vials x3
potion vials x2
1 oil of something

everything goes into the bag of holding… we’ll identify stuff when we have more time.

on one page, I have written “97421234” no recollection.

We call it a night.
DM suggests we familiarise ourselves with out inventories for the trials and tribulations ahead.



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